B&H lakes – Panonian Lakes

B&H lakes – Panonian Lakes

A blend of a natural resource—salt—a human idea and a human hand, has created the artificial Pannonian Lakes in Tuzla – a one-of-a-kind first-class ecological project in Southeast Europe.

Photo: Pannonian Lakes

The first lake, made in 2003, covers a total surface area of 1,014 hectares; the second one, made in 2008, spans 0,530 hectares, while the third one, made in 2012, spans 1,7 hectares. The third lake is designed in the form of two smaller lakes mutually connected by an overflow ledge, and its water slides, two hydro-massage jets and a water fountain offer adrenaline-fuelled adventures for thrill-seekers.

Water in the lake is made of a combination of process water and brine with high salt concentration. It has healing powers because it contains important minerals.

A special attraction at the complex are the salty waterfalls with water cascades and swimming pools.

Photo: Fahrudin Kreštalica