Istanbul, apart from being well known for its famous Kapali bazaar, its Egyptian bazaar, has 120 shopping centres with top global brands. Visitors could see what many of them look like at the 6th Istanbul Shopping Fest, whose organisers alongside Office of Cultural Affairs of the Embassy of Republic of Turkey in BiH invited the magazine team

Written by: Emira Azganović

Istanbul Shopping Fest was founded in 2011, facing a demanding task: to make this glorious city a shopping mecca, cultural and entertainment centre of the world. Thirty days and nights is the period when even the global brands give special discounts and become available to a larger number of people. Foreign tourists can hardly resist it, because they offer tax free shopping. Clothes, jewelry and perfumes are being sold at up to 70% discount, airfares are also affordable in this period, and good fun is guaranteed at every corner.


120 shopping centres

There are no less than 120 shopping malls in Istanbul! It is more than in any city in Europe or Middle East. That is why in the last few years this magnificent city has become paradise for true shopaholics. And all of this is made possible by strong institutions and companies that support it, among who are: Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Republic of Turkey, Ministry of Development of Republic of Turkey, Istanbul City Municipality and airline Turkish Airlines.


Istinye Park

Our shopping hearts first beat hard in the most exclusive and one of the biggest shopping centres in Istanbul – Istinye Park. This is where the most famous and most expensive world brands are – Chanel, Hermes, Prada, Louis Vuitton, Burberry, Dior, Jimmy shoes, Dolce&Gabanna…

Shopping centre is divided in two parts with hundreds of shops which offer various brands, both Turkish and international. When you get tired, you can spend some relaxing moments on a special floor dedicated to restaurants and cafes. Apart from that, Istinye Park has a children’s fun corner, numerous cinema halls and other clubs and centres with fun and recreation content.



In this vast shopping mall (37.000 square meters) you will find many restaurants, cafes and bars, alongside 160 shops. Located in the heart of Levent district, Kanyon is a mall under the open sky, which makes it even more interesting. Leading world brands, logically, have their shops here too.


Akasya connects visitors and important brands of Turkey and the world. With almost 300 shops in a very large area, this shopping mall gives new insight into the culture of fun and shopping of Istanbul. You will find here a wide choice of brands in clothing, health, beauty, cosmetics, footwear, bags, accessories, home interior…  It offers different forms of social life and has good access to public transport. It is located in the Asian side of the city.


It fascinates everybody with its gigantic glass sphere. Its arsenal counts 190 shops in which you can buy various brands and end the day with tasty food on a restaurant floor. This is the shopping centre where the closing of Istanbul Shopping Fest was held, with a music program and address of the director of the festival, Hicran Özbük.


Shopping in  Nisantasi

For many, this elite part of Istanbul is also its most beautiful part. Bohemian, cosmopolitan, Nisantasi represents a shopping zone for all luxury brands. It is famous for its very expensive real estate and a large number of bars and restaurants for the nights out.


Arasta bazaar

This small bazaar is located close to the Blue mosque. In it you will find fascinating jewelry, colourful ceramics, clothes and hand woven carpets.