Mysterious Stone Spheres in B&H

Mysterious Stone Spheres in B&H

Stone spheres have been discovered in various locations in B&H; they are mostly small, but there are also larger ones and those that weigh up to several tons.

Stone spheres in Bosnia and Herzegovina are part of a world phenomenon that has not been explored enough; since ancient times, they have represented a mystery to B&H inhabitants, as well as researchers. Apart from here, stone spheres can be found in other parts of the world; from Mexico, Costa Rica, New Zealand, Croatia, Turkey…


Stone spheres have been discovered in various locations in B&H; they are mostly small, but there are also larger ones and those that weigh up to several tons. In the Zavidovići area, 60 of them have been found and they are scattered across 11 locations, while the area of Grab-Mećevići represents the largest site of stone spheres in Europe. In this settlement, there are over 20 spheres with an exceptionally pretty and regular shape, and tens of them were destroyed by the locals because of the legends surrounding them.

Several years ago, in the locality of Podubravlje, also in Zavidovići, the largest stone sphere in the Old Continent was discovered, maybe even in the world. Its radius is around 1.5 meters and it is estimated to weigh around 37 tons. The fact that the largest stone sphere is located in the very heart of B&H has become bait for numerous visitors and researchers. Since 2006, when research began, Zavidovići have been visited by top archaeologists and geologists in order to determine what the spheres actually represent. Until now, the spheres have been inspected by 70 researchers and experts, but the final judgment about how the spheres were formed has never been formed.


Another fascinating stone sphere, second in size in B&H, was discovered in Slatina, near Laktaši. It weighs close to 10 tons, and has a diameter of around two meters. Because of this sphere, more and more tourists and other curious people come to Slatina with the desire to see, touch or photograph the stone sphere, convinced that it will improve their health and strengthen their spirit.

Stone spheres have also been found in Velika Kladuša in the settlement of Zborište, in the immediate vicinity of the border with Croatia, in the forest area under the peak of Grljavac hill. Four spheres in total were discovered, and today in this locality there are still two large spheres, while the other two, which are significantly smaller, were relocated not far from where they were discovered, and are located on the private property of two locals. Similar spheres have been found around Vareš, Banjaluka,

Kakanj, Maglaj, Žepče, Teočak, Olovo and Gračanica.

What represents the biggest mystery when it comes to the B&H stone spheres is the knowledge that several radiesthesists have measured the effects of the energy of the stone spheres on the bioenergetic field of the visitor. Measurements with the PIP camera of British expert Dr. Harry Oldfield show that upon interaction, the bioenergetic field of a person and that of a stone sphere changes, i.e. the energetic field becomes lighter and larger. It was noted that the aura can also expand; this means that the immune system is also boosted. Therefore, it is no wonder that tourists who believe in auras and the existence of energetic fields come to see the spheres, and perform various rituals, like dance, yoga and meditation on them.

While some claim that the spheres are the remnants of meteorites which fell onto this region a long time ago, others believe that the spheres are actually the work of some ancient civilization, and the third group are of the opinion that they were the result of natural causes after the withdrawal of a glacier. Regardless of how they were formed, all experts agree on one thing, and that is that these stone spheres still represent a phenomenon which is admired by anyone who has had the chance to see them.