The Prettiest Souvenirs from Bosnia and Herzegovina

The Prettiest Souvenirs from Bosnia and Herzegovina

If you are visiting Bosnia and Herzegovina and you would like to take an item from our country that will always remind you of the nice experience that you had here, we bring you several suggestions for unique B&H souvenirs!

Bosnian Kingdom Clothing
A Brand which Testifies of the Rich History of B&H

Bosnian Kingdom Clothing is a brand that was founded in 2012, and to date its goal has been to contribute to the B&H fashion scene through its clothing, which testifies of the rich history of Bosnia and Herzegovina, with an emphasis on the period of the Bosnian Kingdom. In the beginning, the idea behind the brand was in the thoughts of three young men as a manifestation of patriotism, and then the idea came to life, purely as a result of their love for their homeland. After their first year of work, they realized that they wanted to make Bosnian Kingdom Clothing their primary business commitment, and from that moment on they poured all their energy into the creation of a serious B&H product.

Bosnian Kingdom Clothing offers urban clothing for men, women and children. You can find all the products on offer on social networks and in the store, such as t-shirts, sweatshirts, tracksuits, shorts, and various accessories. The motifs on the clothing are mostly related to the period of Tvrtko I Kotromanić’s rule; during the time of his rule, the former Kingdom was at its peak of power. The goal of the brand is to try to form a positive growth of national awareness over time in the context of love for the homeland and a willingness to do everything to contribute to our community in the best possible way.

Souvenirs with the Bosnian Carpet Motif 

The Bosnian carpet is a special type of carpet, mostly of Oriental appearance, which represents the significant cultural value of the peoples in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Women used to make these carpets themselves and they were often given as gifts, and they almost always covered the floors of old Bosnian houses. The Bosnian carpet is a thread of identity, and by nurturing and spreading the story of the Bosnian carpet, fashion designer Adnan Hajrulahović Haad nurtures the values of modern Bosnia and Herzegovina.

A silk scarf, tie, mousepad or mug with Haad’s signature will make a great present from B&H that connects the modern and traditional! All products with the Bosnian carpet motif come in original packaging with a short description of the carpet in English, and you can find them at the Sarajevo airport, the souvenir shop at Vijećnica (City Hall), all Svjetlostkomerc stores or on the HAAD Facebook page. 


Zvekir – the metal circle attached to an entrance door, made in the shape of a ring, used to serve as a bell. Today, in the time of modern bells, the zvekir has lost its initial purpose, but it has maintained a strong symbolism. A gadget in the shape of a Bosnian Zvekir can be the ideal gift for people all over the world. The Zvekir comes packaged in a special wooden box, and it comes with a booklet explaining the symbolism of the zvekir in Bosnian, English, German, French, Turkish and Arabic. The Zvekir is attached to the back of a cell phone, and when attached at a 90-degree angle, it serves as a phone holder.


The brand Articoolisan is dedicated to branding B&H culture, with the goal of spreading the motifs of the rich history and heritage of Bosnia and Herzegovina across homes all over the world. This brand is recognizable for its canvas prints; however, their offer is diverse. At Articoolisan Modern Art Shop, you can also find planners, t-shirts, mugs, cards, postcards and many interesting items with motifs of Bosnia and Herzegovina. All these things can serve as a long-standing memory of Sarajevo!

Souvenirs from Kazandžiluk

The coppersmith craft is a part of B&H tradition, preserved in one of the prettiest and oldest parts of Sarajevo, Baščaršija, where the famous street where coppersmiths work is located – Kazandžiluk. Items made out of copper, especially dishes, used to be decorated with various ornaments, and the coppersmith craft was mostly passed down from generation to generation. Even today, there are those who keep the tradition of handmade copper items alive; from sugar pots, ewers, džezve (coffee pots) to copper plates and trays with various patterns. You can buy the prettiest copper souvenirs at Kazandžiluk Street, which will tell the story of the tradition of Sarajevo to whoever receives it as a gift!

Samusa and Fasada jewelry

If you want to treat someone who loves jewelry, you must choose an item of Samusa or Fasada jewelry. What sets them apart from others is that they reflect certain motifs of cultural and historical heritage of Sarajevo (Samusa) and Mostar (Fasada). The jewelry is made out of silver, and you can find rings, pendants, earrings and brooches in the collections. The jewelry represents a fusion of product design and architecture.


If you go for a walk along Veliki Ćurčiluk at Baščaršija, you are sure to notice Bazerdžan, a conceptual store that sells the products of B&H creatives. Firstly, you will be attracted by the irresistibly beautiful exterior, and once you enter the store… that is when the real magic happens! Here, you can treat yourself or buy a pretty and unusual gift for friends. At Bazerdžan, all collections come in limited amounts, and the focus is on the creation of products from fine natural materials like cotton, linen, viscose and silk, with a high standard of production. You can choose between clothing, shoes, jewelry, toys, paintings, and other high-quality products!