Think, Pack your Smiles and Good Mood! Think UNIQA.

Think, Pack your Smiles and Good Mood! Think UNIQA.

We all look forward to vacations and days off, when we dedicate time to ourselves, our families, friends and the long-awaited refreshment of our spirit and body on a nice trip.

We have started our vacation, deeply breathing in the sea air, which smells of pinewood. Suddenly, we are on our way home before it is time. The reason might be that our ear has “told” us that it needs to be urgently irrigated, a sea urchin has got in our way or your child has got a fever, which patiently waited to arise when you are on vacation, in order to join you. Planning your trip never includes situations like these, or leg sprains, toothaches and other reasons when you might need medical assistance, but it can still happen.

The great thing is that there is travel insurance, which can save your vacation and protect you from unplanned expenses!

In spite of all the adversities that could befall you during your carefree vacation, UNIQA Insurance offers travel insurance which protects you and your family from such unforeseen events. Travel insurance includes medical assistance, treatment expenses, medication, and operations and post-operative treatment in case of emergency. It is well known that even primary healthcare services abroad can be very expensive. For example, individual checkups for smaller medical issues in Germany, Turkey or Greece can cost up to BAM 400, and if the injury or illness requires a hospital stay, the cost of treatment can rise up to BAM 1000.

Compared to the cost of treatment, travel insurance seems like a negligible, but necessary investment which amounts to around BAM 1 daily. Given the coverage that it offers, there is really no excuse for why every trip, be it an individual or family trip, should not be insured. So, this summer, do not forget your UNIQA travel insurance!

Apart from being able to buy your travel insurance policy at any UNIQA office or via UNIQA Viber Bot, if you purchase your travel insurance at the UNIQA web shop at, you can get a 10% discount, saving not just time, but money as well!