Since its beginnings, the Center for Organ Transplantation within Medical Park Hospitals Group has had a mission to save lives, and to date it has built an excellent reputation due to its investments, specialization and success stories, not just in Turkey, but all over the world.

Medical Park is on par with leading world centers in the field of organ failure and transplants, when it comes to advanced technologies and specialization, and the fact that Medical Park Hospital Group performs 800 organ transplants per year speaks volumes. 

Organ transplantation is very significant, as a person’s lifespan gets longer and their quality of life grows, and expenses are lower when compared to the treatment one would need in the last phase of organ failure, such as with kidney dialysis. Because of all that, organ transplantation represents an important contribution to mankind. Its significance is reflected in the fact that Medical Park Hospitals Group has patients who had kidney transplants 20 years ago, and today they have families, various careers and they lead completely normal and good lives.

Medical Park Hospitals Group, which is known as one of the most successful and internationally recognized transplantation centers, offers its services to local and international patients, including patients from our country. The organs and tissue that can be transplanted at Medical Park Hospitals Group are kidneys, liver and bone marrow.


Kidney transplants are the best treatment for patients who suffer from chronic kidney failure in the terminal phase. Kidney transplants cannot be performed on every patient who has kidney failure, and several check-ups and tests are conducted in order to decide whether the patient is a candidate for transplantation. If there is a family member or some other donor who is willing to help, it is possible to save the life of the patient. At Medical Park, transplantation is performed only with the organs of living donors, who do not have to be related to the recipient, but their blood groups must be compatible. 

Even if they are not compatible, a donor can still donate an organ that will be used for some other patient, with whom there is compatibility. A kidney transplant improves quality of life for the patient, ensuring a kidney that will function properly. The new kidney starts producing erythropoietin and there is no anemia, and women of reproductive age re-establish their menstrual cycle, making it possible to plan pregnancy.


Liver transplantation is a procedure where a terminally ill liver is replaced with a healthy donor liver. Liver transplants are performed when all other possibilities have been exhausted when it comes to treating the disease of the liver, and this is technically the most complex organ transplantation, but it is the only method of treating the terminal disease of the liver, considering that there is no mechanical replacement for a functioning liver. 

Medical Park Hospitals Group can currently boast of a team of 10 members, comprising of the most experienced professors from the USA and Germany, who are liver transplant specialists and who can manage any emergency that can arise during a liver transplant.


A bone marrow transplant is the most frequently performed type of transplantation procedure that patients from Bosnia and Herzegovina come for to the Center for Organ Transplantation of Medical Park Hospitals Group. Bone marrow transplants are done on patients with acute and chronic leukemia, and those with severe bone marrow damage. This is a medical procedure that is performed in order to replace bone marrow that is damaged or destroyed from illness, infection or chemotherapy. This procedure includes the transplantation of blood stem cells, which travel to the bone marrow and create new blood cells and instigate the growth of new marrow. 

Healthy stem cells can come from a living donor or from the patient’s own body. In such cases, the cells can be grown prior to chemotherapy or radiation. Those healthy cells are then stored and used during transplantation. 

The professional team of Medical Park Hospitals Group quickly finds solutions for patients’ health issues and they have a high average of the survival of patients, organs and tissue. Not just during an operation, but also during the post-operative period, thanks to years of experience in organ transplants. With top technological equipment and experienced organ transplant teams, Medical Park offers a high-quality service for its patients, without any compromise when it comes to medical ethics and respecting the rights of patients.

All information in relation to organ transplantation, and other services of Medical Park Hospitals Group can be obtained via e-mail at, telephone 00 387 61 55 44 30 or you can visit the Medical Care Agency at Reisa Džemaludina Čauševića no.2 in Sarajevo.                                                 


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