The Valley of the Upper Stream of the Drina River – Tourist Gem of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Rich in natural beauty, culture, entertainment and numerous attractions, the towns situated in the area of the upper stream of the Drina River – Višegrad, Rudo, Goražde and Foča have become popular destinations in Bosnia and Herzegovina in recent years and have been attracting more and more tourists. 

Foto: Samir Zahirović


You can start your adventure on the Drina River from the charming Višegrad, which has been mentioned in many songs and has been described in various books. This municipality is a favorite among tourists due to the famous bridge on the Drina River, a bridge that Nobel prize winner Ivo Andrić wrote about in his famous novel Na Drini Ćuprija (The Bridge on the Drina).

Foto: Samir Zahirović

The magnificent Ottoman structure, the Mehmed Pasha Sokolović bridge, was constructed in the second half of the 16th century and it is on the World Heritage List of the UNESCO.

Foto: Samila Ivković

Many tourists in Višegrad are also interested in Andrićgrad, a medieval stone town, inspired by the life and works of Ivo Andrić. If, during your stay in Višegrad, you decide that you would like to enjoy untouched nature, while listening to the sounds of a river, breathing in fresh air and eating freshly prepared food, a ride on one of the three tourist boats which organize cruises along the canyon of the Drina River will be an excellent choice! 


You can continue sailing across the emerald beauty in the Rudo Municipality, which is known far and wide for its rides on the Vodeni Ćiro. It will be an unforgettable experience and a kind of step up, into the magical nature of the spectacular canyon, and into the rich history of this region.

If you find yourself in Rudo, do not miss seeing the Vilinska Jama cave, and apart from that, this municipality offers tourists a lot of activities to make their stay pleasant and active; rafting, mountaineering, hunting, fishing… This area has great potential for rural tourism, which is currently in development. We recommend that from Rudo, you head towards the hunting and tourist center Bijele Vode (White Waters), which represents the ideal place for sports and an active vacation.

During the summer season, you will also be able to enjoy the outdoor pool, which is part of the Bijele Vode complex, and there are also grounds for futsal, handball and volleyball.


Goražde also gets a warm recommendation, taking a central position in the area and being the largest town in this region; it will win you over with its unusual homely atmosphere. Tourists in Goražde most often visit the cultural and historical sites, attend the current events, enjoy the nature, as well as the local and international specialties in establishments which have a magnificent view of the Drina River. This town is rich in natural beauty and has great conditions for the development of tourism, especially rural tourism, but also adventure tourism, for all those whole love an active vacation and camping. The beautiful Drina attracts swimmers, numerous kayakers, rowers and fishermen.

For all those whole love visiting places of worship, we recommend that you must visit the Orthodox church  – Crkva sv. Georgija (Church of St. George) in Sopotnica, which was declared a National Monument of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Apart from that, the Kajserija mosque is worth a visit, representing a glowing example of the specific Ottoman architectural expression, which happens to be elegantly reflected in the crystal-clear Drina River.


Foča is a municipality where the marvelous nature takes your breath away, and the murmur of the river brings you peace and tranquility. Tourists from all over the world rush over here to enjoy the sights that can only be seen here. Foča is known as a rafting destination (on the Tara and Drina rivers), and as a special attraction, one of the oldest parks in Bosnia and Herzegovina stands out, i.e. the National Park Sutjeska, where you can also find the Memorial complex of Tjentište, erected in memory of the Bitka na Sutjesci (Battle at Sutjeska).

In the heart of the Park, there is the nature reserve Perućica, the largest and best-preserved rainforest in Europe. Your visit to Foča does not end here. You cannot leave without seeing the masterpiece of nature – Pješčane Piramide (Sandy Pyramids). In addition, you must peek into the restored beauty, the Aladža Mosque in Foča, and feel the spirit of Oriental architecture!

Foto: Emira Azganović

Author: Samila Ivković


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