365 Days on Ravna Planina

Ski Center Ravna Planina is located 20 km from Sarajevo and just 2 km from the center of Pale, on the main road which connects this municipality to Podgrab and Prača.

This is a modern tourist  center, which offers activities both in winter and summer, and does not lag behind similar centers across the region or Europe. However, what makes this ski and tourist center specific is the gondola lift, the first in B&H, which started operating towards the end of December 2017, with 19 cabins with a capacity of 10 seats that can transport 2200 travelers/skiers per hour. Works are currently being finalized on creating additional summer activities, which will make the summer season even better than the current season, which was a very good one. 

When it comes to winter activities, this is already a regional ski and sports brand. The trails meet all the criteria for the biggest European and world competitions, and for training sessions of professional skiers. Because of that, the center has good chances of winning the European Cup, the greatest and most significant skiing competition, which has not been held in B&H since the Winter Olympic Games in Sarajevo. Ski Center Ravna Planina has 12.5 kilometers of trails for all categories of skiers. There are two blue trails for recreational skiers, and one red and one black trail for the most advanced skiers.

The main Stjenčica trail, where training sessions and races are organized, which is 1400 meters in length, has gone through the process of accreditation, with FIS experts determining that it is in line with all world standards. The trails have a modern system for creating artificial snow. That means that skiing is possible in this center for over 110 days of the year, i.e. until the end of March, which is how long it lasted for the past season, which is thought to be the best season since the opening of the center.

Hotel and weekend cottage settlement

The project of constructing accommodation facilities of the highest rank has been completed, allowing the guests of Ravna Planina full comfort and multiple days of enjoyment in all the activities of the center. There are plans to build three hotels with all amenities, an indoor and outdoor pool, an ice-skating rink, and the most modern spa centers with all supporting facilities. By building these facilities, the offer at Ski Center Ravna Planina will be complete. Near the Ski Center, there are also plans to build a separate weekend cottage settlement with over 30 mountain weekend cottages.


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