Vlasic – Adrenaline skiing along the central Babanovci

This Mountain, besides being very significant tourist destination, was named after its nomad people Vlasi. It is especially popular during winter

Vlasic is huge, natural fortress whose slopes are suitable for different sports- from alpine to Nordic skiing, night skiing, snow safari, sledding to nights out.

It is 28km away from Travnik with elevation of 1943 metres which is the highest peak Paljenik. It is often visited by paraglide and it is widely known that due to the complete atmosphere, the Vlasic’s air is recommended for all those people who have problems with respiratory organs.


For years, this part was known for International Vlasic Cup Contest hosted on 90-meters high ski jump, which is one of the longest and most natural ski jump in Europe.

Ski resort has five ski lifts, 15 km of cross-country skiing trails and four ski jumps. Vlasic has 10,5 km long ski slopes, mostly of blue and red character, out of which two are medium-advanced. Maximum height difference is 15%.

The longest ski slope is 3.800km and one of the slopes goes through the centre of the place and continues to the starting lift station. Skiing along the street, which is open for cars during winter, is an amazing experience. But still, you have to be really cautions since there are many children on sledding.

Skiiing on Babanovac is perfect both for longer vacations as well as for weekends and single day visits of people from the region. Beginners have excellent conditions for their first skiing steps while advanced can overcome all slopes in a short period. Without doubt, more experienced skiers will not miss challenges.

Above all, Babanovac’ offer includes high-quality hotel accommodation, apartments, cottages and boarding houses.


Arrival to the recreation destination on Babanovac territory is possible from many directions:

Travnik – Turbe – Babanovac;

Banja Luka – Skender Vakuf – Babanovac;

Bugojno – Donji Vakuf – Turbe – Babanovac;

Jajce – Donji Vakuf – Turbe – Babanovac.




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