The Most Romantic Journey in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Hot air balloons are more than an adventure – they are a way to connect with nature, with oneself, and with others in a way that is simply unforgettable.

What do a sheep, a duck, a rooster, and romance have in common? Can you find the answer without linking romance to life on an idyllic farm? Would it help if we added a balloon, a basket, a journey, and France to the mix?

Maybe not, but that’s not really the point anyway.


The story we’re telling you today, the story of hot air balloons that we often associate with Cappadocia in Turkey, would not be possible without the heroes from the beginning of our story – a sheep, a duck, and a rooster. In 1783, in faraway France, the Montgolfier brothers experimentally launched a balloon, in front of the entire royal court, with these passengers in a basket.

Two loves make the story of hot air balloons in our beautiful Herzegovina possible. The first is the love shared between a Polish woman, Anna Wronska, and a Turk, Ayberk Okan. The second is their love for Herzegovina, where they fell in love and decided to stay when they first visited.

Thanks to these two loves, you no longer need to dream of Cappadocia to experience a breathtaking balloon ride. The magic is now easily accessible from every corner of our country, just a few hours’ drive away.

The primary location where balloons soar with Ayberk, a professional pilot, is the area of Lake Krenica in the Grude valley. Ayberk’s expertise in piloting balloons has taken him along some of the most famous routes in the world – from Cappadocia and Pamukkale to the deserts of Dubai.

Embarking on this Herzegovinian balloon adventure offers a double benefit. You will not only experience a breathtaking balloon ride but also have the opportunity to visit one of the most stunning lakes in the country, one of the few whose true depths have yet to be determined.


As with other parts of the world, balloons in our country are flow early in the morning, up to two hours after sunrise, or one hour before sunset for safety reasons. These hours ensure that the temperature is not too high, which could cause thermal activity that would endanger the safety and comfort of the passengers. And what would you do in a balloon in the afternoon heat anyway?

What can be more beautiful than flying over the lake and surrounding villages in sleepy mornings? Upon request, the balloon can be lowered to a point where the basket gently touches the surface of the lake. This creates a breathtaking sight; the sprinkled drops of water one of the most beautiful things captured in a photograph.

What can be more breathtaking than the view of a clear sky and the rising sun, with you standing as close as possible to the orange ball that signifies life?

What can be more romantic than a good morning kiss, with just the two of you and love as pure as the lake water?

Can you imagine a more beautiful gift than 60 minutes of the serene feeling of being lulled, similar to the one you loved when your parents hugged and rocked you as a child?

And where else could you take ni- cer pictures of trees than just above their canopies?

Can you imagine any other way to cross from one place to another and have the world “in the palm of your hand”?

When you travel by plane, you cannot participate in preparation for the flight. However, with balloons, you have the opportunity to be part of the process. Amazing hosts, Anna and Ayberk, will allow you to be involved in inflating and deflating the balloon, making you a true team player.

In our country, the season for ballo- on flying lasts from April to Decem- ber. Weather conditions dictate flight schedules. On windy or rainy days, flights are not permitted.


Dream Team Balloon is the pioneer in providing this unique flight experience in our country. With two balloons at their disposal, they offer you the choice of a cozy and romantic journey in a small balloon that accommodates two passengers and the pilot or an unforgettable experience for a group of four.

At the outset, we began with romantic stories. In order to ensure that everything remains romantic, unforgettable, and perfect, it is imperative to acknowledge certain limitations. Balloons cannot fly long distances or against the wind.

There are weight limits, so passengers can’t exceed 110 kg. They also can’t have any injuries (such as fractures or similar) that would pre- vent them from assuming a landing position. The crew will not permit pregnant women, children under eight years old, or anyone less than 120 cm tall to fly.

Since hot air ballooning takes place in the open air, it is important to wear appropriate clothing and footwear (so avoid high heels, slippers, open-toed shoes, and similar footwear).

Rest assured that the hot air balloon, like any other aircraft or vehicle, is maintained and secured in full compliance with regulations on civil aviation, and that all pilots are licensed to transport passengers. A hot air balloon operates by generating lift by heating the air inside the balloon envelope with gas burners.

However, you will witness all of this and more if you choose to embark on this unique outing – a perfect combination of romance, adventure, and adrenaline, or simply put, living life to the fullest.

Photo: Dream Team Baloon


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