Dress code in Kuwait

There is no compulsory Islamic dress code in Kuwait.

Kuwaiti men wear a dishdasha, a full-length robe with a centre opening. This traditional costume style has not changed in the past 14 centuries as it suites the climate. An Indian tailor introduced the front button fastening and buttoned cuffs on the collar in the 20th century. At times, the dishdasha makes the wearer look stylish. Generally, men do not accessorise and would only wear a watch. 

Many Kuwaiti women wear their traditional dress, a full-length long-sleeved black abaya which covers their clothing underneath. The hair and neck is also traditionally covered with a hijab and some additionally wear a black veil or burqa which covers the entire face. However, the choice to wear the abaya and hijab fall to the woman and her family and many Kuwaiti women choose not to wear either. There is much more selection in Kuwaiti woman’s dress. On festive occasions, an embroidered dress called thobe is popular.

What To Wear As An Expat

There is no official dress code for expatriates.

Men can avoid showing their thighs and stomach below the navel.

As a woman, you shouldn’t show cleavage, or have bare shoulders, or wear skirts or shorts that are above the knee level.



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