Jukka Honkavuori, the racing driver and the driving instructor at Porsche

Doesn’t come from the rich family that had money to finance the rich sport he had started doing since he was five. Last year’s winner of the Porsche GT3 CUP,  was determined and persistent in his life ambition. After downs, he would rise again and he continued to pursue his dream. That is the reason he succeded.

Interviewed: Elma Zeco

Photos: Porsche BiH d.o.o. Sarajevo


When I was a little boy, my father took me to a place he said I had never been before. If  I liked it, we would go again and if not, it would be just a nice experience. That was the moment when I found myself on the kart track, I sat in a  small kart car and there was also a driving instrucor who was holding the rope tied to the car to ensure I won’t escape. It felt good and ever since then, we would come every day during summer. Later, I started racing with other cars, remembered during his interview for Furaj.ba last year winner of the Porsche GT3 Cup of 2014,

Jukka Honkavuori (24), the racing driver and the driving instructor in Porsche in Finland, who started racing when he was five.


What is required to become a racing driver and is that an expensive life path?

Every racing driver has a different story. I come from the part of  Finland where people usually go ski jumping or play ice hockey. My road of  becoming a racing driver was rather tough. My family was not wealthy so they couldn’t support  me so easily to pursue my dream. If you start from such a situation, the only way to succeed is to follow his passion. If you really want it, if you put all your effort, you can achieve your goal. There will be ups and downs. When there are downs, stand up and go again. That is the only way.

You cannot stop him!

Do you remember your first victory?

It was so long ago, I think  I was six or seven… At that age, you don’t necessarily have to win every time to make you feel incredible. Later, when I began racing with bigger cars, my only goal was to win.That’s how it goes.

Porsche- the most reliable car

What is it that Porsche has and other cars don’t?

-Porsche is a strong brand with the rich history, but that’s not all.  In case I would try to describe it, I would say it is a mixture of a sports car, adjusted for driving races, but as well as for everyday driving. Anyway, Porche is the most reliable vehicle and I am completely sure of that.

What is the greatest advantage of your job?


-What I do, included all family. I travelled a lot with my father so we faced both the good and the bad times together. For certain period, my mother and my three sisters were involved. Today, mostly because of the job, I travel alone but I made friends all over the World. One day when I get old, it will be nice to recall everything.

Along the road of the conquerer

What do you do in your free time?

– I enjoy spending time with my girlfriend who also likes travelling. We like going to places we haven’t been before, but it doesn’t have to be a distant location, it can be our weekend cottage where we can just relax and go away from the busy  everyday life. Nature in Finland is beautiful so we don’t miss beautiful places to go to.

Are you fond of fast driving in your private life?

-No. I drive fast only on race tracks but I am very cautious in the traffic. I want to be safe and I want others to be safe as well.

What is your favourite tourist destination?

-Since I come from the very cold country, of course I enjoy spending time in warmer places. For instance, I like Dubai. Generally, I have a lot of friends in the Middle East. There are a few „warm“ countries where I have never been which I plan to visit.

What do you think of Sarajevo?

-The city and its nature are beautiful. We don’t have mountains in my country, we have hills that are also beautiful but I always wanted to go to a place where you can see mountains. Downtown area is very beautiful and I like people who are so kind.

What is your greatest dream?

-I am a person that always strives for more. That is the mentality of a racing driver. We always want to win more and we never want to stop. I am happy with the current situation. When it comes to racing, I would love to race in La Mans. Perhaps, one day I could become factory driver in racing but I would also like to continue traveling in the future and do what I love.

Antre men and women drivers

– Basically, there is a slight difference between them. All those stereotypes that women are bad drivers are wrong. Of course, there are women who are bad drivers but rhere are men as well. While women start off  slowly, what is better whereas men want to start off fast even though they haven’t got to know the car. Women want to have time and to go into the system slowly. Stereotypes are absurd’.




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