Summer in the City

Summer is the most exciting season, both for dogs and their owners. Make sure you take advantage of long summer days and do much more than repetitive long strolls on the city asphalt.


Most dog owners follow a well-established daily routine, making it very common to see the same people, accompanied by the same dogs, at the same places at approximately same time. Though sometimes the circumstances dictate our routines, summer days can be made much more dynamic without having to go too far outside the city centre.

To be sure, the most interesting and the most delightful activity, offering a soothing escape from the scorching city afternoons, is a quick getaway to nearby rivers or lakes. However, if you’re with a dog, finding an adequate location can be challenging. Fortunately, there are places around Sarajevo, not too far away, which can provide much needed refreshment for your dog, in addition to options for countless other fun activities.

Open Swimming Season

Vrelo Bosne (Spring of Bosna River) needs no special introduction. This immaculate oasis is frequented by many tourists. The crowds often seen there are far from perfect setting for an impatient dog, and the place should therefore be avoided altogether during weekends. Ideal time for a visit is on weekdays, before noon, or during weekend, in early morning hours. If you are lucky enough, you may get to enjoy an hour of peaceful solitude. We advise against letting your dog swim in the immediate vicinity of the spring, since that is frowned upon.

You will also not regret taking a small detour on your way to Vrelo Bosne and going to Rimski most (Roman Bridge). This piece of history also happens to be a famous and popular getaway site, where similar rules apply. You can also cross the bridge, take a left turn and follow a narrow and secluded path for less than a kilometre to get to a lovely open meadow embracing a  slow-flowing section of the river, leading to easily accessible riverside. Usually no one is around during weekdays, but if you do happen to come across some happy campers enjoying a day in the open, proceed for another 500 metres and you will get to a section of the river to call your own and enjoy in perfect isolation.

Dariva is another attractive possibility. You can lead your dog to the water at the very entrance or take a walk all the way to Latinska ćuprija (Latin Bridge), go down under the bridge and relax at the pebbly riverside.

We have to mention Stojčevac, which used to be one of Tito’s resorts ages ago. Today, it is far from what used to be a luxurious and perfectly maintained peace of heaven on earth, so you should not get your hopes up. Your pet, on the other hand, will probably have a blast swimming in the pond, and just by its side, there is a small local café, where you can have a moment to yourself as well.

Wherever you go, remember that most people dislike having a dog swim right by their side, so make sure you ask for permission first. We advise against getting into lengthy arguments which are more than likely to ruin your day. Be positive, avoid crowded places and do not forget to give your dog a thorough shower and detailed check-up upon return, since humid areas with tall grass are the natural habitat of ticks.

Walk First, Coffee Later

Even the most monotonous of walks could benefit from small intermission over coffee, possibly at a place that extends equal welcome to you and your furry friend. Perhaps the best of all is Art Kino Kriterion, where you can come in the company of more than just one dog. As a sign of welcome for our quadruped companions, they will be happy to offer a bowl of fresh water, and often a treat as well.

Your furry friends will also be welcome to accompany you to:

  • Aquarius (Vilsonovo šetalište)
    – Cheers – small dogs only
    – Tuborg (Hrasno)
    – Boccaccio (Dolac Malta)
    – Magarac (Hrasno)
    – Jazz Radio cafe (Hrasno)
    – Union Jack (Hrasno)
    – Classic (Dobrinja)
    – Aquarius (Grbavica and Vilsonovo)
    – Delikatesna radnja (Obala)
    – Vanilla (across the street from Hotel Bosna, Kulovica St.)
    – Cafe Bar Valcer (close to II Gimnazija)
    – Cafe Zeko (Čengić Vila)
    – Meeting Point –  Trasa
    – The Pub (Malta)
    – Sova (Marijin Dvor)
    – Boris Smoje Gallery

To make sure your dog is not a nuisance to other guests, before you take a seat make sure his physiological needs are met and take him for a walk. It does not sound like a good idea to take your dog straight from the confinement of your home to another indoor area, which is likely to be perceived by your dog as an Adrenaline Park. Your dog must be on a leash and as much as you love him, his snout better stay away from other people’s plates and cups. If at all possible, try to make sure your dog minds his own business, just like you should. If your dog does not like kids, make sure you warn their parents of it and try to keep him calm right by your side, or under the table. You should not bring sick, dirty or poorly socialised dogs into a café or a restaurant. Finally, enjoy the summer, it will be over before you know it.



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