Weekend with your dog

There are thousands of more or less widely debated and commonly understood reasons not to leave your dog behind when you travel. Often, we come up with one too late. That is why you should walk down the lane of life together. We cannot wait to tell you all about how and where you should go…

Written by: Aleksandra VIŽIN

To make sure that travel or an outing with a dog would not turn from a pleasant experience into a disaster, before you embark on another adventure together, check if you have all of the essentials with you. Each outing poses a risk of tick bite, which could potentially be deadly to your dog. Ticks are particularly active during spring and autumn, but you should understand that they are out there and there is no guarantee of safety regardless of the season or the temperature outside. Make sure your dog is adequately protected and use spot on products or a collar.

Ticks, injuries, overheating

Immediately upon return from your adventure in the open, give your dog a thorough examination, and pay special attention to the area around his ears and paws. Do not overlook the area in between toes and pay close attention to your dog’s behaviour over the next eight to twelve hours. If you notice any change in behaviour, even if you found no ticks, see the vet without delay. Pay close attention to the terrain. Protective shoes should be used for hiking because dogs have very sensitive paws. Your canine companion does not have to have the shoes on all the time, but it is a good idea to have them handy. If your dog injures his paw, shoes can help to prevent prolonged bleeding and irritation. Also bring along the first aid kit, containing at least the essential items, such as bandages, band aid and an antibacterial powder. Make sure you have plenty of water, especially if you know that your destination has dry climate. Practical 2in1 bottles are available that serve dual purpose and do not take up a lot of space in your backpack.

Going to the seaside often causes problems, mostly due to overheating. Never leave your dog in the car, even if it’s parked in the shade. Most dogs would drink sea water, known to cause vomiting. Some dogs learn from experience, others do not. After swimming in sea water, give your dog a good shower, gently rub some olive oil into his fur and make sure he stays in a shaded area.

International canine travellers will need a passport, showing the vaccination record, the chip number of and the photograph. At some border crossings, you will be required to show a certificate issued by your vet, showing that your dog is in good health.

Tested Destinations

It goes without saying that ahead of going for a vacation or a short trip, you should ask whether your dog is welcome as well. To save you some time and help you plan for your next weekend out, we suggest several tried and tested options which include seaside, hiking in the mountains and camping.

Blace (Croatia) a small place and a well-known kiting destination in the Neretva estuary with a long sandy beach. You can take your dog along to the restaurant and the café, and almost all accommodation providers are pet friendly. Although the entire beach is open to dogs, we recommend that you stay in the kiting area, especially if have a big dog. As you enter the sea, you will find that the shallow water area extends for several hundred meters, which is great for dogs and persons who are not good swimmers. The bottom is soft, free of sea urchins and sharp stones and you can rest assured that your dog’s delicate paws will remain intact.

Vukov konak (BiH), a rustic cottage in the mountains, in the immediate vicinity of Sarajevo has a modest accommodation capacity, but big open heart. It will be liked by everyone looking for quiet spot miles away from busy urban setting. Your dog can sleep in with you over night and you can both enjoy exploring numerous hiking trails during the day. You can also enjoy delicious home-made food and an extensive library.

Camp Ivona (BiH), situated on the bank of the Drina river, the camp can offer activities many other local camps offer as well, the only difference being that your dog can sleep in the bungalow with you and also enter a restaurant. You can also forget about the leash. The brave-hearted visitors can enjoy rafting down the Tara rapids, but we opted for a ride in an old Land Rover, which took us to an exploration mission to Sutjeska National Park.

Kamp Mladost, Tjentište, Sutjeska National Park (BiH) is situated in one of the most stunning parts of BiH. Sutjeska National Park, without any doubt, has an enormous, vastly underutilised potential. In addition to the camp, which includes several bungalows, there is a hotel, a restaurant and a large open swimming pool. Well-known mountaineering destinations such as Trnovacko and Orlovacko lakes are situated nearby, in addition to a monument complex dedicated to WWII.

One Day Trips

There are certainly more choices of day trips available, but again, one must know where to go. You should know that most mountain inns do not allow dogs to enter. That is particularly true for those that can be reached by car, where visitors come over the weekend to sunbathe or enjoy an easy walk. When you take your dog along for a group outing, the golden rule is to always stay at the back and let the group pick up pace allowing you and your furry companion to slowly follow them. You should keep your dog under a close watch and make sure he will obey your command. If you, by any chance, run into a forest animal and your dog decides to chase it, the chances of finding him again are very slim. It’s needless to say that dogs make good traveling companions. Same as humans, dogs get bored being in the same place day after day. Make you time together count and show them the world they too deserve to enjoy.



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