Tivat, Nice to Meet You

Tivat, an open book whose pages everyone wants to read to uncover the story that the town is hiding


The Youngest Town in the Bay of Kotor

Tivat is the youngest town in the Bay of Kotor, which, according to some legends, was named after the Illyrian queen Teuta, who had a summer house and a large garden here in the 3rd century BC. You can get there from three possible directions: by ferry from Herceg Novi en route from Kamenari to Lepetani (a return ticket costs 5 euros), by car along the coast, through the tunnel from Kotor, or along the Adriatic motorway from Budva, but you can also get there by plane because Tivat is the only coastal town in Montenegro with an airport.

The Birds Sing to Tivat Too

The people of Tivat, who always welcome you with kindness, are the heart of their town above all else. Then follow the blue sea, the gorgeous beaches, and the natural gems of St. Mark Island, Our Lady of Mercy Island, and the Island of Flowers. Then come the beautiful green villas, brave guardians that rise above the town of Vrmac and Gornja Lastva; the yellow sun that selflessly radiating warmth that caresses the soul; the chirping of birds at Solili as they sing their songs to Tivat; the Green Park, an oasis of peace and tranquillity; the call of culture and tradition that evokes memories; the scent of the gastronomic delights from the depths of the sea; a pure white soul, and a red heart full of love.

The Place Where the Noble Families Spent Their Summer Holidays

The noble families of the Bay of Kotor used to spend their summer holidays here, and today many world-famous people do the same. It is a town where you will feel a sense of luxury and tradition, but where you will also stumble across an outdoor party and quiet places that you need to relax. You can enjoy endless walks, but also explore Tivat on a bicycle, which is a mode of public transport in this town. If you are adventurous, you will enjoy kayaking, windsurfing, diving, and sailing, and you can spend your holiday exploring the surrounding area, playing golf or bowling with the locals. Golf is the oldest, most popular, and highest quality sport in Tivat.

What to See?

Exploring Tivat will be delightful. In the heart of town you can visit a medieval castle and a large park with a lot of exotic plants and trees. You will also see the most luxurious marina on the shores of the Adriatic Sea—Porto Montenegro—where the Buddha Bar Beach club was opened this year at one of the most attractive pools in the world. Do not forget to visit the Solila Nature Reserve, which is home to rare bird species such as flamingos and little cormorants. Tivat’s Good Practice Story won the 2021 Green Destinations Sustainable Story Award. You will also like the Luštica Peninsula—an increasingly popular oasis for hedonists. Explore Luštica Bay, a magical destination which is home to a vibrant town where culture, heritage, and gastronomy combine to create authentic experiences!

The Summer of 2022 in Tivat

Tivat has always been a town of culture and music, and many memorable events always take place there during the Tivat Summer Festival. A long-standing tradition of performances given by Purgatorije Theatre also marks the cultural events in Tivat which start on 28 June this year. The event offers something for everyone: theatre performances suitable for all ages, exhibitions, dance performances… The sound of coastal melodies and festivities are calling you to come to Tivat this year as well, because the town has prepared a rich programme of events for the summer months of 2022.


Bućarska olimpijada (Curling Olympics) – a traditional sporting event Tivat is known after – July-August

Lastovske svečanosti – festivities held in August for the 50th year in a row in the village of Gornja Lastva (a culture and arts programme and exhibitions that go far into the night) aimed at preserving cultural heritage

Purgatorije Theatre Festival – 28 June-31 August

Lights Festival 2.0 at Luštica – 16-23 July

International Fashion Festival – 22-23 July

Maškarana noć at Pina Town Promenade – 24 July

Polo in the Port (a horse parade and polo matches) – 11-13 August

Tivat World Music Festival – 9-11 September

Fish Nights

15 July – Fish Night in the centre of town organised by Centre local community

29 July – Fish Night at “Veselinovo mulo” organised by Lepetane local community 

12 August – Fish Night at Stari Krašići organised by Krašići local community


12 July – Večer klapa (a Capella choirs night) at Gradska riva Pine

16 July – Dino Merlin at Porto Montenegro

10 August – Jelena Rozga at Gradska riva


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