1, 2, 3 – Are you Ready?

With its festive program, Sarajevo strives to be the center of the region on New Year’s Eve. That is why Čola, the top performer, will be singing here.

Last year’s central festive event, resembling a mega spectacle, which brought together more than one hundred thousand people at the BiH Square, showed us just how popular New Year’s Eve celebration in Sarajevo is with people. The craziest night of the year went by with overwhelmingly positive media coverage and a lot of praise.

Three-day Celebration

Sarajevo is preparing to mark the beginning of 2018 in the same the rhythm. Even though the Eternal Flame was supposed to be the venue of the New Year’s Eve celebration, the plans changed since this is a large-scale public event. It will take place at the Sarajevo City Centre square instead.

Residents and guests of the BiH capital can spend three days celebrating the coming of the New Year. The Sarajevo Philharmonic Orchestra will be performing on December 30th, whereas Crvena jabuka will be performing after the central New Year’s Eve party on January 1st.

In designing the program, the Organization Committee of the City of Sarajevo, the Tourism Community of the Sarajevo Canton and city municipalities had a common goal: to mark the end of the old and the beginning of the New Year by offering a rich and resplendent program in the BiH capital – Sarajevo and claim the title of the heart of the Balkans.


They succeeded in maintaining the quality of music performances. Last year, Dino Merlin performed, and this year, another Sarajevan with a long and successful music career – Zdravko Čolić – will celebrate the arrival of 2018 with Sarajevans and city guests. He expressed his gratitude for being selected to perform on the main stage.

“Sarajevo is my city, and regardless of any other options and offers, I belong here and it is with great pleasure that I accept to be involved in this year’s grandiose New Year’s Eve celebration,” Zdravko Čolić said at a press conference held in the City Hall. He added that, for him, Sarajevo was a special, emotional story that has nothing to do with money.

“Performing at New Year’s Eve event is special. It’s not a solo concert. New Year’s Eve is a joy that should belong to all of us.”

Night to Remember

For Zdravko Čolić, 2017 was a year of wonderful performances and big concerts, but the highlight of the year will be the unforgettable concert on December 31st – Čola and countless visitors will sing and dance their way into the New Year. Tour agents have reported that Čola is the reason why the interest in celebrating the coming of the New Year’s Eve abroad has dropped compared with the same period last year.

People expect the festive winter night to be filled with lots of positive energy, great emotion and warm hugs. They will watch fireworks light up the sky as they sing along to Čola. Out with the old, in with the new: may you be happy the whole year through.



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