Blidinje – Unforgettable mountain adventure

Although any hotels haven’t been built yet on Blidinje, more than comfortable accommodation is offered by motels, apartments and weekend cottages

Natural Park Blidinje, which was named after Blidinje Lake, located at the bottom of a Long field at 1184m elevation, stretches on 364 km2, in the municipality area of Posusje, Tomislav city and Jablanica. Western border is mountain Vran, south-eastern Cvrsnica and a sport and recreation centre Risovac is placed at the feet of those mountains at 1800m elevation.


Ski resort is located in the Park with 575m long ski lift (4-passenger gondola- 1600 people, children ski lift-560 persons per hour), ski slopes 6km long out of which two are beginners and two medium. Ski slope elevation is approximately from 1250-1555m.


Jablanica-Blidinje road is 25km long out of which 15km is macadam. Roads are regularly maintained during winter so that ski slopes are almost always approachable. Distance from Tomislav city to Blidinje is the same as from Jablanica but the macadamised road is a bit shorter. Blidinje is 28km away from Posusje.


Currently, there are no hotels on Blidinje but you can accommodate in a few motels which offer traditional food in their restaurants. The second option is apartments and weekend cottages fully equipped for pleasant stay both during summer or winter.



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