Dariva Promenade

Dariva, an old promenade popular among the residents of Sarajevo, occupies the space between Bentbaša and Kozja Ćuprija bridge.

The Kozja Ćuprija bridge remains one of the most important symbols of Sarajevo, portrayed with love and nostalgia in many songs. It was one of four old bridges that used to have incredible importance in the past. It connected two banks of the river on the road referred to in the old days as the Istanbul Road, connecting this part of the Ottoman Empire with the Capital. While Bentbaša is situated by the Miljacka River, Kozja Ćuprija bridge is situated several kilometres to the east from Baščaršija.

The sides of this eight kilometre long promenade are steeped in history. Countless diplomats serving in BiH planted the lime trees that now adorn the Ambassadors’ Alley. This oasis of serenity is ideal for quiet, meditative walk, or a tour of natural landmarks, such as the rock, dearly loved by many alpinists and climbing enthusiasts – the famous Dariva; or Babin Zub, a challenging, dangerously high, thin and pointed rock situated right after the old Austro-Hungarian tunnel, luring the alpine daredevils to put their skills to a test.





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