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A graduate from renowned Harvard, and top expert in the field of periodontology and implantology, Dr Mersiha Avdić-Saračević chose to bring her knowledge and vast experience to her country, opening a modern dental office in Sarajevo dedicated to treating periodontal disease

Written by: Elma Zećo

Photos: Haris Karamehmedović

Even in the latter stage of serious periodontal disease, Dr Mersiha Avdić-Saračević manages to bring back the smiles on the faces of patients, guided by the teaching of the American Academy of Periodontology, where she became a member eight years ago. All that would not have been possible had she not been a dream student, as only students like that can get into renowned Harvard University, where they complete their studies as future leaders in their fields.

Work on three continents

The story of how she chose her profession began a lot earlier, in her family, where, looking up to her mother – a professor at the Faculty of Dentistry, and a specialist in oral diseases and periodontology, she had a desire to follow in her footsteps. Upon leaving war-torn Sarajevo, she firstly earned a pre-med degree in natural sciences in America, which is a prerequisite over there, graduating with a biochemistry degree as the best in her class, and then being accepted at every faculty of dentistry at universities she had applied at, including Harvard, the unfulfilled dream of many.

What followed was years of work, gaining professional experience on three continents and developing skills, while constantly balancing them with academic achievements. After practising in America, then Sarajevo, where she worked at the invitation of top dentists in the city, and Kuwait where, among others, she treated the members of the royal Sabah family, Dr Mersiha decided to permanently return to her native Sarajevo and open a dental office, which would be equipped with top dental and surgical instruments, and also be able to offer X-ray diagnostics. That is how Dental Office was established, a place where you will be convinced that health is strength, and beauty its arrow.

It is easy to come to the realisation that you have arrived at the right place, as it is not difficult to recognise a good doctor: Dr Mersiha is dedicated, listens to her patients carefully, educates them and provides them with possible solutions in detail.

“I have treated patients in various parts of the world. Treatments are the same everywhere, but the approach is not, as cultures and how people view disease are different. That is why all these factors must be taken into account when you approach a patient”, says Dr Mersiha.

The fact that even today foreign patients come to her, primarily valuing her for her Harvard education, serve as proof of her quality in her field.

Painless treatments

“Dentistry is not the act of one person”, emphasises Dr Mersiha, continuing: “According to American protocol, each specialist does their job. A specialist orthodontist corrects bite problems by moving teeth, a specialist prosthodontist solves aesthetic and functional issues of patients with veneers/crowns, a specialist endodontist treats tooth disease, while for a specialist for gum disease, a periodontist, the link between all the dentistry specialties is important, as gums and bone are the supporting structures of teeth. When it is done this way, we get top results.”

Patients mostly come due to symptoms such as bleeding gums, bad breath, shifting or loose teeth and receding gums.

“Periodontal disease can often go long without any symptoms. Therefore, the recommendation of the American Academy of Periodontology is that all adult patients do a yearly check-up in order to assess the state of their gums and bones with the aim of prevention. Disease is treated successfully, if you come at the right time. Otherwise, when teeth become loose it is too late. If the problem is established on time, there are a number of painless treatments at our disposal. Non-surgical options include curettage and laser treatments, while smaller surgical interventions can treat infection under the gums and create conditions for regenerating lost bones, or dental tissue. Treatments can also include aesthetic corrections of uneven gum lines, and after any treatment patients are able to return to their regular activities.”

Implants with a lifetime guarantee

In this region, there is an ingrained and completely incorrect conviction, and that is that periodontal disease only affects the older population. The truth is that it can happen to young people as well, even teenagers, when it is particularly aggressive. As it is not always diagnosed, periodontal disease is a lot more prevalent in the world than is thought, and it is estimated that 50% or more of the population has some form of this disease.

“When teeth are loose, in some cases after teeth removal implant therapy can begin immediately. However, in most cases, the situation is such that preparation must be performed, i.e. bone tissue must be replaced, often gum tissue as well, and only after that implants are fixed. The goal is to achieve harmony, so that the implant looks as natural as possible”, explains Dr Mersiha.

At her Dental Office, which will soon become a specialist team covering various fields of dentistry, there are renowned high quality world-famous brand dental implants with a lifetime guarantee on offer. Due to their innovative design, they will offer more than just beautiful teeth.

“Even though I am currently in frequent contact with fellow dentists across the country, whose patients require periodontal treatments, I would like for our communication to reach a higher level so that in ten, fifteen years we have only a small number of people losing their teeth due to periodontal disease in BiH, as, in most cases we can really help. It is important to raise people’s awareness about everything that can be done. I hope that with our knowledge, we will all be able to individually contribute to a beautiful smile, which will be with people their entire lives”, concludes Dr Mersiha Avdić-Saračević.


How to get there:

Dental Office is located in the centre of Sarajevo, at Kalmija Baruha 1.

Telephone: 00387 (0)33 666 615

00387 (0)62 857 319







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