Five ways to boost the immune system

For better health and a stronger immune system, the body needs to be as clean as possible on the inside. It is necessary to eliminate the bad habits, and to incorporate good habits into our daily lives.

During fall and winter, the body gets weaker and is more prone to infections. To fight them off, we need healthy food, but in this fight for a better immune system, we also need to incorporate some good habits, which we forget to do because of our busy lifestyles. Simple activities like massage, socializing with friends and laughter will help you strengthen your immune system in the long run.

#1 Laughter is medicine

It has been proven that laughter has medicinal properties for the whole body. Research confirms that people who laugh out loud stimulate their cells to work against various diseases. If misfortune has come at you from all sides and you cannot find a reason to laugh, play a funny video and it will make you laugh till you cry. Buy some tickets for a comedy at the theater, or a movie at the cinema or simply just go for a coffee with a witty friend and your body will be grateful.

#2 Massage

Massage is beneficial for the body, it stimulates our cells to fight and strengthen the immune system. If you decide to have a massage after some strenuous exercise,  you cannot go wrong with that combination, especially if you are aware of the power that exercise has for your health. After a relaxing massage, the number of white blood cells increases, and they serve as protection of the immune system and at the same time reduce the level of stress hormone cortisol.

#3 Get a pet

There is a reason why we call them man’s best friend, but dogs and other pets are not just good friends. They encourage us to exercise and have a good effect on overall health. Pet owners have lower blood pressure, cholesterol levels and a healthy heart. Dogs can strengthen a child’s immune system and prevent allergies from developing. When you pet animals, you feel good on the inside, and according to recent research it also strengthens the immune system.

#4 Socialize more

Research has proven that people with a richer social life have better health and live longer than those who like to spend their time alone. In everyday interactions, you get more laughter, knowledge, and with that you reduce worry and thoughts about trivial, everyday things.

#5 Positive thoughts

If you think positively, you will function a lot better. Positive thoughts attract positive things, nice events, good friends, and contribute to strengthening the immune system and overall health. Would you like to always feel happy and peaceful? Do things that you love. Try to find hope and light during hard times.


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