How to resist Germany?

Pyramids and nurseries carved in wood, doll’ scent for fragrant wooden figures, welcoming cookies’ flavours and baked apples create wistful moments

 Art and traditional crafts

   © Tourist Organization Erzgebirge e.V.

Traditional crafts are highly appreciated in Germany. Numerous are transmitted from generation to generation inside families. Other traditional crafts are typical for a certain region, thus they are cherished and kept with love. While you travel through Germany, you can take a look inside numerous craftsmen’ workshops and see yourself how, with careful and precise work, long-lasting experience and individual effort manufacture an artistic piece. Meet Germany!


Cuckoo clock

Already in the 17th century, watchmakers had used cuckoos’ voice to mark a complete hour. In the middle of the 19th century, first cuckoo clocks “Kuckucksuhren” were made in a region Schwarzwald- with a clock face on the top of a railway, guard house and weights in the form of cones. In the Museum of Clocks in a place called Furtwangen, you can see prototypes and rare samples as well as learn how these handmade artistic pieces were created. Let a cuckoo be heard!


Wood carving in Erzgebirgeu

© Tourist Organization Erzgebirge e.V.


If you travel to Sachsen and Erzgebirge in Pre-Christmas time, when sun sets early, numerous windows are wonderfully illuminated: variously decorated arches with candles- Schwibbögen announce the upcoming holidays. Pyramids and nurseries carved in wood, doll’s scent for fragrant wooden figures (Räuchermännche), welcoming cookies’ flavours and baked apples create wistful moments. Here you can find out more about celebrating Christmas.


Puppet theatre in Sachen- Anhalt

 © Puppet theatre in Magdeburg, Jesko Döring

Puppet theatre unites simultaneously various types of arts and enchants both children and adults. From historical, handmade doll to whole length marionette, a doll itself is a very common artistic piece. Two most famous puppet theatres are located in Sachsen-Anhalt: take a look in cities Halle or Magdeburg fairs, adaptations from the World Literature or movie sceneries. Here, dolls dance only for you.

Advent markets- Hamburg



Manu advent markets are opened in Germany and none is the same- some of them are small, wistful manifestations, others are classic Christmas markets with typical, historical setting, some are joyful, national celebrations with Christmas music along with barbecue and bumbo whereas some are trendy, stylish events. In Hamburg, you can choose any type of an advent market: historical in Rahausmarkt, wistful around St. Michel Church or crazy-frivolous on Sankt Pauli. Here you can experience a genuine, Christmas atmosphere.



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