KAWA Speciality Coffee Bar: Simplicity as the Supreme Sophistication

Long-term daydreaming, research into the most beautiful cafeterias in the world, great love for coffee, and minimalism as aesthetic expression are the basis for new and refreshing cosmopolitan space in Sarajevo.

Photography: Armin Dorado

A Trip Around the World Through Coffee Selection

Kawa (@kawa.sarajevo) came to be from the desire for dear friends to gather in a pleasant ambience and to drink, above all, top-quality coffee with a bit of unusual aromas and tones. The highest quality coffee, which comes from small producers, from microlots, and which are known for being harvested, dried, roasted as well as how they came to our table, are now available to the citizens of Sarajevo.

“The journey from the farm to the mill is very long and every part of that journey is equally important. In the world of coffee, there are varieties such as Arabica, Robusta, Liberica, etc. Arabica is more valuable and grows at altitudes of 800-2,000 meters above sea level. It has more pronounced aromas of fruit, citrus, flowers as well as a mild acidity and is more expensive than Robusta due to the complexity and quality of the grain. Arabica needs the sun and a constant temperature throughout the year; therefore, it mostly grows in countries located nearer to the equator. The biggest producer of coffee is Brazil “, explained the main barista of Kawa, Eldin Menzilović. 

Currently, Kawa offers different types of coffee from India ranging from chocolate-flavored, a kind that is less sour, 100% Arabica (without the bitterness). Kawa also offers coffee from Colombia (all of which are much bolder, full of fruity notes, have a higher acidity, and have less foam) and from Brazil.

The first sip of coffee from Brazil may seem extravagant, but after the second one you feel the divine caress of its taste and the desire to continue drinking. The reason for such a taste lies in the powers of one lady, Alina Codo, or, rather, in the knowledge, dedication and attention of the fourth generation of coffee growers from the distant Minas Gerais. When the founders of Kawa got in touch with the dedicated Alina, they knew that her attitude towards coffee was a guarantee of its extraordinary taste, and they became the first importers of this kind of coffee in Europe. It is interesting that Alina has previously visited BiH as a tourist and speaks enthusiastically about our tradition and people – everyone is equally as excited because her coffee caused the same reaction among our citizens. The climatic situation of Brazil this last year was unfavorable – Brazilian coffee farms found themselves in an unfortunate situation that involved coffee not growing due to the frost. Brazilians, like the citizens of BiH, are big fans of coffee, and in the fear that coffee would not grow, bought all the supply to secure themselves for the time being. That is why this exclusive partnership between Alina and Kawa is a special joy to us all.

The Oasis of Beauty

In order for the ritual of coffee-drinking to be complete, we need to find ourselves in a space where we feel comfortable, relaxed, and taken care of. The desire to harmonize the quality of coffee with the experience of indoor or outdoor space, influenced the ideas of the award-winning architect, Armin Mešić, and his office, Fo4a Arhitektura, to come to life with the skill of craft of New Vision Sarajevo’s duo. With the dedication and handiwork of brothers Benjamin and Edis Burić, and with the furniture made by the sophisticated, world-famous brand Gazzda prostor, Kawa has become an oasis of beauty that has come to life with the special warming attention of the selected Plantismus plant chosen by Mehmed Mešanović. This visual identity is ascribed to Studio 10.

Kawa was reconstructed in the spirit of industrial design: it spreads over 110m2, has a large garden, combines rustic and modern elements with relaxing details that will make you feel at home. Kawa is open every day, eager for coffee lovers, but also for those who like to delight in the pleasant space of the city. There, a trip around the world awaits you through a selection of coffee as well as a trip through the region with a selection of wine, natural juices, and spring water. The tea offered on Sundays is specially chosen by a neighbor – the first Bosnian tea sommelier from the renown teahouse (World of Organic Tea), Franz und Sophie.

Address: Dženetića čikma 16 (across of the Olympic Museum, the road under Petrakijina street, Sarajevo, Bosnia i Herzegovina)

Working hours: Monday – Saturday from 7:00-23:00

                          Sunday from 10:00-16:00

Contact: @kawa.sarajevo


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