Kish – Consumer Paradise

Kish is an island and a town in the Persian Gulf in the Hormozgan province of Iran. It has a population of 20,000 residents, but can you imagine that around five and a half million people visit Kish annually? Owing to a number of free trade zones, Kish Island holds the title of consumer paradise featuring numerous shopping centers, tourist attractions and luxurious hotels.

Kish is considered one of the world’s most beautiful coral islands; its coral reefs make seawater crystal clear and allow you to explore the wonders of the underwater world while relaxing at one of the island’s beaches – the island’s special attractions.

But, the luxurious island does not just offer the ideal conditions for holiday travelers and visitors wishing to have fun, it is also a place where you can explore history dating back two millennia, because Iranians had inhabited Kish as early as the at time of the Achaemenid Empire.

Other tourist attractions in Kish also include an ancient Old City, Qanat – underground water storage tanks, and the Greek Ship – the remains of a cargo ship originally built in Scotland in 1943, shipwrecked on the shores of Kish in 1966.




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