Our Indonesian adventure

At the invitation of the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in BiH, the team of Furaj.ba magazine spent ten dynamic and unforgettable days in this large country, visiting its top tourist destination Bali, its inspirational old Hindu temples, the popular Labuan Bajo, the Flores Sea with its unique sunsets, Komodo National Park, and Jakarta, the business centre, getting a feel of the different dimensions of this metropolis

Article and photos: Elma Zećo and Emira Azganović

From a local perspective, it is almost impossible to imagine that a country with over 700 nationalities that form one nation exists. A country where there are a number of local languages, but only one national language. This is Indonesia, whose people are characterised, above all, by tolerance, kindness and gratitude.

Indonesia is a country of 17,508 small and large islands, 255 million people, 1,900,000 kilometres from the east to the west coastline, 150 volcanoes, the largest flower in the world – Rafflesia Arnoldi, and countless beautiful tropical beaches which attract tourists from all over the world.

The majority of tourists are from China – 60%, but Indonesia is also favoured by Malaysians, Indians, Singaporeans, the Japanese, Australians, as well as Europeans. Despite the fact that compared to others, for Europeans it is quite far away, when they take the trip, everyone realises that it was really worth it. Therefore, be aware, that if you are flying to Jakarta from Sarajevo via Istanbul, it will take 13 hours. It takes two hours from Jakarta to Bali, while the flight from Bali to Labuan Bajo, a city known for fishing at the west end of Flores Island, takes one hour. A travel package that would include the above-mentioned destinations would be ideal, offering tourists an intense experience of the specificities of the natural resources of Indonesia in its south, the cultural and religious diversity, the mentality of Southeast Asia, and the diverse Indonesian cuisine which is known for the use of many spices.

Based on its offerings, Indonesia deserves more of a presence in Europe, not just in the field of tourism, but also in the field of business, as so many of its products would refresh the market of the „old continent“.


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