Protected landscape “Bijambare”

Forty kilometers north of Sarajevo lies a true gem,  protected by law natural area of Bijambare, a favourite destination of those who seek salvation from the summer heat in the shade of thick coniferous forest.

In this protected tract, encompassing 370 ha, at altitude averaging 950 m/ASL, there are several beautiful meadows, sinkholes and underground streams of two creaks, and six caves. Visitors are able to go with a guide around Bijambare main cave via a 420 meters long tourist trail adorned with cave ornaments (stalactites, stalagmites, curtains, basins, side-blocks).

The area of protected landscape “Bijambare” is equipped with tables and benches for spending time outdoors, as well as with a playground for children – Wood town, and a restaurant with a  diverse gastronomic choice. There are cycling, educational and forest trails.

At the main entrance of Bijambare you can choose whether you want to start your tour by a tourist train that runs through the forest for the length of two kilometers, or whether you will rent a bike or enjoy the landscape while hiking.



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