Quince: Beautiful, Fragrant Fruit

No, quinces are not meant to just sit on your wardrobe…

Quince Dessert


1 kg quinces

½ kg sugar

2 glasses water


Put sugar in a pot, add water and allow to cook for 20 minutes until it turns into a syrup. Wash the quinces, peel and grate them in large shreds. Add shredded quince to the syrup you have already made and cook for 45 more minutes. When it is ready, pour it in clean, dry and heated jars while it is still hot. Seal the jars hermetically. Keep the dessert in a cool and dry place until ready to use.

Homemade Quince Jelly

Kitnkez—Quince Cheese


1 kg cleaned quinces

700 g sugar

1 lemon


Wash the quinces, remove the seeds and cut the quinces without removing the peel into cubes. Add water and boil until the fruit is tender, and then remove the water and puree the quinces using a hand mixer. Add sugar and lemon juice to the puree and cook over low heat for two hours stirring occasionally. Kitnkez is done when the mixture turns orange and thickens. Line a pan with parchment and pour the mixture into the pan, spread evenly and leave aside to thicken. The next day, place the kitnkez on a wooden board and cut it into cubes. Then place the cubes on a large tray splitting them up a little. Cover them with a kitchen paper towel and leave to dry in the air for at least two days. After that, you can roll the cubes in granulated sugar, powdered sugar or coconut, and then lay them in a container putting inside a couple of laurel leaves to add a special aroma and close it. You can keep the kitnkez like that for months! 

Vintage Quince Compote


1 large quince

1 litre water

3 spoons honey

1 scoop of cinnamon


Wash the quince thoroughly, peel it off if you like, cut into cubes, sprinkle cinnamon and pour water over the cubes and bring to a boil. When the water boils, add honey and cook for five more minutes in a low temperature. Serves four. You can eat the compote while it is still warm, but it is delicious even when it is cold. 


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