Recycling Yard in Sarajevo

 It is good to know that a recycling company runs successful and rapidly growing business in our city. In a country where it is still acceptable to litter, it is surprisingly refreshing to know that it occurred to someone to start a business of recycling. That is exactly the business Aida Commerce is in. 

A visit to Aida Commerce recycling yard, located in Sarajevo, comes as a pleasant surprise to anyone who has ever been there. The first thing one observes is how clean the entire yard is. Professional staff and modern machinery promise rapid business growth.

Recycle Smart and Keep Environment Clean!

No integrated system of waste management can be imagined nowadays without recycling and sorting of waste material for further use. Recycling includes collection, separation and processing of various materials, and production of new products using recycled materials.

Aida – Commerce started with recycling of secondary raw materials, primarily waste iron, aluminium, copper and used car batteries. Soon after commencement of its operation, the company expanded its business to include recycling of PET bottles, plastic, paper, nylon and cardboard and soon thereafter, the company introduced the services of treatment of waste water and water contaminated with oils. At that point, early on, the owners decided to reduce the prices of their services to benefit their clients and solidify their position in the market. Such course of action was the right one for the company, as the practice soon demonstrated.

Modern Standards

Aida – Commerce is located in modern premises which meet high and rigorous standards of modern architecture. Modern, cutting-edge technology contributes to its success. Although the state institutions offer no benefits in support to this business venture, the management of the company understands that rapid development requires substantial investment. With that in mind, state of the art technology for more efficient shredding of nylon and different plastic products has been added to the impressive list of company’s assets.

In addition, the services provided by this growing company include treatment and processing of potentially infectious and infectious medical waste using the advanced equipment and machinery which includes NEWSTER 10 steriliser, which shreds, compacts and sterilises potentially hazardous medical waste.

It is also worth knowing that this company has the equipment necessary to bend and cut steel reinforcement and use it to produce other iron products.

Additionally, Aida – Commerce sells metal products including pipes, thin sheets, metal sheets and panels, but also various construction materials, tools, cutting and sanding supplies and welding equipment.

Recycling has become inevitable part of modern industrial production. It generates new jobs for the community, profit for the owners, and tax for the state, but more importantly, it stops the process of devastation of the planet. For those and many other reasons, let us hope that the importance of recycling will be recognised and valued in Bosnia and Herzegovina the same way it is valued and recognised elsewhere.


Aida Commerce Identity Card:

Telephone: +387 33 638 467

E – mail:

Address: Pijačna 5, Ilidža – Sarajevo

Year of Foundation: 1990.

Type of Business: purchase and recycling of all types of waste

Number of Staff: 25

Annual purchase of waste materials: 500 tons




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