Sarajevo Fairy Tale

An idylic place far from the everyday stress and problems. A view similar to the one you see when you open a picture book with an imaginative landscape, a magical house, the heroes of the story, can be seen and experienced in real life only ten kilometres away from the centre of Sarajevo, above Rajlovac, where the Sarajevo Fairy Tale restaurant is located.

There, at 800 metres above sea level, in the natural environment where they prepare home-cooked meals, you can spend a day with your family. You should also know that you will think of the Sarajevo Fairy Tale in a somewhat romantic way and with melancholy.

The entire restaurant area is divided into several linked parts where you can sit comfortably and enjoy the quiet and pine tree scents while your children play. The Sarajevo Fairy Tale comprises Pionirska dolina (the Pioneers’ Valley), the playground for the kids, Stojčevac, Prvi šumar (the First Forester), Kod Stake (At Staka’s), Avlija (the Garden)…

The owners designed every detail and corner that you can see here. Natural colours and materials are predominant; in the centre, a heart-shaped decorative pool dominates the area. Some thirty seating places surround it. The Sarajevo Fairy Tale also has a podium with a great view of the landscape.

How can you reach the Sarajevo Fairy Tale?

Even though it is far from the city crowd, the Sarajevo Fairy Tale is not that hard to find. In case you in the city centre, head out to Rajlovac and pass the Robot shopping centre and the large new bridge, and then turn left. After 200 metres, you will see a red heart-shaped sign. Turn there and go up the hill for about two kilometres until you reach the end of the asphalt road. Another red heart-shaped sign will tell you that you are there; then just turn right and park in front of the gate. At first glance you will realise it was worth it to come to this place and that the hill was not that steep after all.



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