Sulejlman Muratovic: Records of this country touch the soul of every Bosnian

The artistic world of Sulejman Muratovic is filled with the rich impressions based on his love and artistic research of Bosnia and Herzegovina with all its beauties, secrets and contrasts that contribute to  its irresistible charm.

Photo: Sulejman Muratović© All rights reserved

His artistic work flows smoothly through many subtle directions and themes which the artist creates using the light and all aiming to convey his impressions of this beautiful country, through his artistic inspiration, as a picture of his own soul, to the audience in art galleries.

Buna – Photo: Sulejman Muratović© All rights reserved

Through his rich creativity work, the author intensively shows interest for transposition of his bosnian, krajina and sufi identity, on which are based his artistic researches. The photo exhibition ,,Record of this country” has the same title as the poem written by the great poet Mak Dizdar and furthermore, those photographs touch soul of every Bosnian and Herzegovinian who carries this country in his heart and soul same as the poems.

Pocitelj – Photo: Sulejman Muratović© All rights reserved

The author emphasizes that the exhibition is devoted to Bosnia and Herzegovina, its beauties, secrets and contrasts which contribute to its irresistible charm.

Old town Srebrenik – Photo: Sulejman Muratović© All rights reserved

Bosanska otoka – Foto: Sulejman Muratović© All rights reserved



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