Tara River White Water Rafting Adventure

Experience ultimate adventures in the deepest European canyon!

The Tara River, or the tear of Europe as it is also called, springs in the mountain ranges of northern Montenegro and is 156 km long. Highly opulent vegetation occupies its banks and the sides of the canyon making the landscape around it really special and you can get to see it if you go on a calm water raft trip or a white water raft trip almost down the entire course of the river.

The Tara River is deemed to be a world-class white water rafting river. As part of the “Durmitor” National Park, it was inscribed on the List of World Cultural and Natural Heritage in 1980. White water rafting adventures take place from May through October, and you can opt for a one-day, two-day or multiple-day adventures varying in length from 15 to 85 kilometers. If you stay longer, you will remember the sun rising in the canyon in the morning and the nights when stars cast light on you through the canyon’s narrow precipice or the eerie glow of swarming fireflies for the rest of your life.

The shorter white water rafting trip, consisting of 21 rapids along an 18-kilometer route from Brštanovica to Šćepan polje, where the Tara River meets the Piva River, lasts for a few hours. However, the longer white water rafting trip includes more than 50 rapids. Its fast-paced adrenaline rush sections and easy-flow sections that allow you to enjoy the waterfalls on the river’s tributaries, bridges, cliffs, forests and small beaches take turns during the longer trip.



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