The Botanic Garden – National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina

The Botanic Garden took hold in the National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1912 -13, under the supervision of Karl Malý, a famous botanist of the time.

The Garden’s live collections are primarily designed as the objects of study for all branches of botany, from morphology and systematics to cytology and genetics, and are especially significant in applied botany like agronomy, silviculture, floriculture and pharmacy. The Garden is an inevitable part of the direct teaching of biology (botany) at all levels of education, since it enables direct insights into species of interest. Nowadays, several thousand specimens of around 1700 species are cultivated in the Botanic Garden. There are around 750 specimens of trees and bushes, and the rest are annuals and perennials. The Garden is especially interesting in springtime, when it turns into a veritable oasis of beauty and serenity in Sarajevo.



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