The Most Popular Camps in B&H

Crowds of nature and camping lovers stay at a growing number of campsites throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina every year. Waking up beneath the green trees, listening to the chirping of birds, the first rays of the sun breaking through the clouds, and the close proximity of rivers and lakes, is not something you can be exposed to and explore if you rent an apartment or hotel, which is why many people decide to go on a camping trip.

You will be delighted by the evening gatherings held at campsites. Do not be surprised if you hear a song or the sound of a guitar in the camp because it fits in the setting and atmosphere of this type of holiday.


Camping on the Una River

Many people want to spend their holidays on the banks of one of the cleanest European rivers. Let your eyes rest as you gaze upon the river. You can do it from a camper too. There is a campsite in Bosanska Krupa that appeals to a large number of campers. Covering 10,000 square metres and sitting right next to the Una River, the campsite is open from April to September every year. It offers guests sunbathing and swimming platforms, a terrace above the river, free internet access, football, volleyball, and badminton courts, a table tennis table, and a children’s playground with a slide, swings, a see-saw, and a wooden house. Lovers of the Una River also like to stay at campsites in Bihać. The Una Aqua Centre situated on the river’s heart-shaped islets is quite well-known. Spending the night in a tent, below a sky filled with millions of stars, on the Japodski otoci (Japodi’s Islets) feels like spending the night in a “million-star hotel”. Next to the camp, there is a restaurant and a lounge bar, and during your stay here you will be able to enjoy live music performances, the open-air cinema nights, and a host of other events. While you are there, you can enjoy exploring the area near the Una River, but you can also go swimming, fishing, rafting, or go on bike tours, play darts and badminton…

Camping Next to the Drina River

The Drina River is one of the most gorgeous rivers in the world and it is certainly the coldest one. Just looking at the emerald coloured river flowing by will relax you, while its icy freshness will help ease the hot summer days. In Foča, near the Drina River, there are a few interesting campsites. The first private RV campsite in Bosnia and Herzegovina is named after the Drina River. Situated two kilometres downstream from Foča, it sits on the river’s left bank. “Drina” The people who run the campsite organise one-day and multi-day rafting trips on the Tara and Drina rivers and one-day hiking tours in Zelengora, Maglić, Ljubišnja, and Radovina mountains. It is possible to rent kayaks and canoes as well. The campsite has a restaurant, loos, and showers. It offers internet access and provides tents for campers.

Camping by the Neretva River

The Green Park RV Campsite is located on the riverbank of the green-eyed beauty in the heart of Herzegovina. Extending over an area of 50,000 square metres, it features camping units, a beach, a children’s playground, a forest, and a car park. There is a beautiful fish pond at the campsite, so you can enjoy traditional fish and meat dishes by the Neretva River. A lovely 900 m long sandy beach with poplar trees for shade seekers belongs to the campsite. Guests have at their disposal comfortable deck chairs, outdoor showers by the beach, shower cubicles, loos, and the possibility to use laundry machines and dispose of waste at the campsite.


Among the most popular campsites in Bosnia and Herzegovina are those in Blagaj: Half Island Buna, Blagaj RV Campsite. In the unique landscape of the magical town in Herzegovina, where the scents of fruit fill the air, near the ice-cold waters of the Buna River and many wonderful places to see—Mostar, Počitelj, Kravica, Hutovo blato, Stolac—the campsites in Blagaj are the perfect choice for all those who want to find some peace and quiet, see natural beauties, and experience adventures.

Ilidža Oasis

One of the largest campsites is located in Sarajevo. With a total area of 44,000 square metres and 350 camping units, Ilidža Oasis has a lot to offer: a 24-hour reception service, à la carte restaurant with a summer garden, electricity, sports grounds, a children’s playground, free of charge wireless internet, laundry room, loos. Also, the campsite offers the possibility of using wellness/fitness/health treatments in the four-star Hotel Terme which is situate only 500 metres away from the campsite.

Camping in the Mountains

If, however, you want to get away from well-maintained campsites and go somewhere else, in the “wilderness”, and you want someone else to arrange it all for you or you do not dare to do it yourself, you can go on a camping trip with Visit Konjic. Visit Konjic is an agency which offers camping our packages in the Prenj, Visočica, and Bjelašnica mountains, i.e. in the village of Lukomir.


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