Woollen luxury

They wanted to be different. In a „battle“ against cheap trinkets on the market, they came up with a unique project which found its way to customers

Amna Mujkanović started developing the story in her home by making various handicrafts, and then she joined forces with her first cousin Erdal Medenčević, forming a creative workshop of unique items powerful enough to bring joy to people and enrich every warm home.

None of this was simple, not even finding an appropriate weaving loom, which they found, in the end, in Valjevo. They started working with silk, cotton and linen and at one point discovered the benefits of wool, which would become the main resource for the creation of their products.

“We wanted to represent ourselves through our products, to represent our BiH. Foreigners were the first to recognise this and they gave us faith that we were moving in the right direction. We made our website Vuna.ba, representing the importance of wool, as we wanted to remind people of what it meant in our past when we used to cover ourselves with duvets made of wool; we used pillows filled with wool, and we had less back pain and allergies than we do today. People quickly started calling out products Vuna.ba, which became the name of our brand”, says Erdal, whose goal is to build a network of individuals dealing with wool across BiH.

You can see various home products made of wool in the creative workshop. Upon entry, you’ll see imaginative carpets, puff slippers, wooden chairs enriched with woollen balls, XXL scarfs…, and everything you might desire can be made as you like. The most important thing is that everything that comes into your possession will be unique, as every other product has a different „soul“ breathed into it.

One of the contributors of the creative workshop is also Alisa Mujkanović, who would like to take part in all phases of production, in order to follow in her mother’s footsteps one day.

“I was able to find myself in this work quickly. It is demanding, but relaxing at the same time. It’s especially satisfying when you create a product and see the customer’s delight”, she says.

Vuna.ba products can be found in concept stores, Mikser, at the Diplomatic Bazaar, and you can also visit the creative workshop located near Željo’s Stadium at Grbavica.



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