10 Reasons to visit Fojnica

Fojnica is a recognizable tourist destination. A number of natural resources and adequate accommodation facilities, which contribute to the development of different types of tourism, make it possible for tourists to spend as much time here as they want doing various sorts of activities.

Photography: Adnan Bubalo
  1. Because of Prokoško Lake – due to a weak Wi-Fi signal you will experience adventures that will make you laugh all year long.
  2. Because of the mountains – their peaks and green slopes will allow you to have the Zen experience and enjoy the windy journey of life.
  3. Because of health spas that will invigorate your body and feed your soul.
  4. Because of the places of worship of different religions which all flow into a single sea just like rivers.
  5. Because of picnic sites and waterfalls where incredible photographs are taken.
  6. Because of adventure sports that are not risky.
  7. Because of medicinal herbs and teas which will keep you warm on long winter nights.
  8. Because you have to try the local potato and cheese pies and the tasty curdled milk made in Fojnica.
  9. Because of many different stories Fojnica will tell you shaking the dust off the collection of stories about the lives of witty and educated Bosnian ancestors.
  10. And because of the good hosts who will show you that their house is your house – that is how hospitable they are.


“One cannot just keep on going further, one cannot keep on going away from here, one can only stay…”

Alija Isaković, writer


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