Zlatiborac LLC took part in the first international fair of Halal Industry Sarajevo Halal Fair (SHF) 2018, which was held from September 27 – 29th in the KJP Skenderija Center.

This producer of dry-cured products from the Republic of Serbia, which has been nurturing the tradition of preparation of dry-cured products for more than a century, has been operating in accordance with the Halal standard since 2011, and now has 63 Halal certified products in its portfolio. Since 2011, the company has been awarded of Halal certificate issued by the Halal Quality Certification Agency from Tuzla. Every year, it is obliged to renew its Halal certificate, and every third year it is recertified, which follows the rules of standard procedure.

According to the alleges of the company’s representative, the business operations harmonized with the Halal standard supported the opening of new markets and represent an extremely important part of the business for them. Nowadays, the company operates in 11 export markets, including the market of Bosnia and Herzegovina. “We have been present in Bosnia and Herzegovina for eight years and we are satisfied with our position. It is important to emphasize that in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and in other countries of the region as well, we succeeded in positioning our brand in both categories of our production portfolio: durable dry-cured products and semi-durable dry products. Nowadays, on the Bosnia and Herzegovina market, our products can be found in the following retail chains: Bingo, Konzum, FIS, BEST, PM Company.


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