5 reasons why you should spend your holiday in Tivat!

A former summer resort of Boka Kotorska’s noble families is now a place where many celebrities spend their holidays. It is time for you to experience it too!

– Because, despite of elite tourism development, Tivat has remained a city where you can still break out of the city’s hustle and bustle and find some peace and quiet in secluded bay beaches or relax and enjoy yourself in nature by strolling on the hillsides od Vrmac or Luštica.

– Because, apart from luxurious hotels and restaurants offering international cuisine, Tivat continues to provide traditional Mediterranean cuisine as well as local home-made specialties, while the locals do their best to cater to any wish you may have.

– Because it is a city of culture and music, it has always been such a city, and it offers a wide range of events that are a part of the Tivat Summer Festivities as well as events that are organized by various city institutions, such as gastro evenings and community festivities, concerts, sport competitions, several well-known festivals, exhibitions and fairs. What defines cultural events in Tivat are traditional theater performances by Purgatories Theater, a renowned traditional dance performed by the Boka naval forces and urban music performances.

– Because Tivat is a city which has the largest number of sunny days per year due to its unique geographic position on the Black Sea coastline, because it offers gorgeous views of the Bay of Kotor, and because it keeps winning you over and inspiring you to come for a visit again.

– Because it is easily accessible by land, sea and air, which makes it really easy for people across the world to visit Tivat.

These are just five out of countless other reasons why you should visit Tivat of all places – it is a number one 2018 summer destination!





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