A laughing dog


 Family Osmanovic from Ključ has been breeding Samoyeds for 5 years. The story began with their love for animals.

Written by: Elma Zećo

Thanks to their parents, Melis Osmanovic and his sister were raised surrounded by animals. But their biggest wish – a dog with a pedigree – was only achieved after the brother had enrolled to college and spent the first free summer working in Germany as a student. He spent the money he earned on a female Samoyed named Lea. At his sister’s urging, he also bought a male, Toby.

A dream team

In time, the story of pets slowly turned into a story about breeding. Today, along with three Samoyeds permanently providing the offspring, the family also has a chow chow – the new breed they want to begin working with.

Melis explained the division of tasks in his family: „The whole family is taking care of Samoyeds. It all depends on other obligations we may have, but in general I am in charge of exhibitions, sales and delivery. Mom is a grooming master, and dad likes to take them for walks. Although she is currently studying in Munich, my sister also plays an important role in this story. “

Dogs are a source of joy

Melis remembers countless beautiful moments with Samoyeds.

„Undoubtedly, dogs are humans’ best friends. Time spent with dogs brings a special kind of joy and pleasant emotions. I enjoy every new litter. Working with puppies is the best thing. We are also happy with the results our dogs are achieving. For example, I was overjoyed when my dog, named Dr. Wolf Hey Baby Boo, won the second place at the international dog show in Split, among 5500 other dogs. She is currently one of the most promising Samoyeds in our region and beyond“, says Melis, and continues:

„Their smile, that is what makes Samoyeds so special. They are known as laughing dogs. Additionally, they are adorned by long, thick, white hair. They are ideal for families, and very sociable. They get attached to people, and it is wrong to chain them and keep in the yard constantly. “

For people who want a Samoyed with a good pedigree, a potential future show dog, puppies’ prices range from 1000 Euros upwards.

Siberian dog

Samoyeds require lots of dedication and care. Their country of origin is Russia, or more precisely – the Western Siberia. The root of their name was found in a Siberian nomadic tribe – Samoyeds. Male Samoyeds are approximately 57 cm long, weighing from 20-32.5 kg. Females reach height of 53 cm and weight of 17-25 kg.


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