A Piece of Seaside to Call Our Own

Neum, the only town in Bosnia and Herzegovina located on the Adriatic coast, with its luscious greenery and its ideal position in the southern Adriatic, has long and warm summers and plenty of sunshine throughout the year.

Information for Foreign Tourists

The distance from Neum to Dubrovnik is 65 km, to Dubrovnik Airport 85 km, to Mostar 70 km, Međugorje 70 km, and to Ploče Railway Station and Metković30 km.

The mere mention of Neum calls to mind the images of the sea, though Neum is much more than that. Plenty of fresh water and mild Mediterranean climate, attracted early human settlers since the Palaeolithic age, who found safety and shelter in numerous karst caves. The area has proved to be the ideal habitat for diverse and colourful plant and animal life, typical for the Mediterranean. In addition to that, there are many prehistoric villages, fortresses, and cemeteries from Bronze and Iron Age, with remnants of the ancient era, medieval churches and villages and countless necropolises with medieval tombstones.

Shrine of the Queen of Peace

The necropolis of Hum, the final resting place of noble Nikolićfamily, is located in VranjevoSelo. About 160 tombstones are still intact with three of them containing inscriptions. They mark the graves of Katarina Kotromanić, the wife of Lord Nikola;Duke Vladislav, the son of Lord Nikola and Duke Petar. The ancient settlement with the necropolis was inscribed on the list of national monuments in 2005.

The Ljanik garden is located in the village of Old Neum, where the old village centre was preserved well. The best tobacco in Herzegovina was grown and harvested in the Ljanik garden and dispatched to many European courts. The Church of St. Anthony was built in 1904 within the bounds of the Catholic cemetery, above the village. The new settlement now includes the Parish Church of Our Lady of Health. A museum and a gallery are located within the premises by the Church.

The old castles of the noble Šimrak family are located in the village of Broćanac. The family’s coat of arms is included in the Fojnica Armorial. In the opinion of several prominent archaeologists, the castles of Šimrak family represent exceptional examples of medieval architecturein Bosnia and Herzegovina. Olive orchards are located nearby the village, withoil mill introduced in 1951, toenable production of olive oil.


In 1977, the Shrine of the Queen of Peace in Donje Hrasno on Mt. Cerovica was declared the central Marian shrine of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Trebinje-Mrkan. The location of the shrine,suitably situated on Gradina hilltop, features the statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Queen of Peace. The pathway with the Stations of the Cross, that lead the worshippers to the site, was designed by Robert Kvasina, with bronze plates masterfully done by the academic sculptor Dušan Stanojević. Boškan’s Cave (also known as Marko’s Cave), located near the shrine, is believed to be one of the most beautiful masterpieces of nature to be found on the territory of this municipality.

Sea Temperatures up to 32°C

Neum Bay, with its calm sea, is situated within the larger Mali Ston Bay, enclosed by the Klek peninsula.

Neum has a long tradition of tourism, which started in 1911, when the employees of the Austro-Hungarian administration addressed the provincial government and requested that a holiday residential building be built and part of the beach cleaned for their families to use during the summer season.

With crowds of tourists pouring in year after year, it comes as no surprise that Neum completely comes to life during summer months. Its average monthly water temperatures of up to 32°C in July and August attract many residents of Bosnia and Herzegovina to it. In Neum, everything seems to be within reach: accommodation, shops, bars and restaurants are everywhere, offering comfort, relaxation and refreshment to its many visitors.

If we consider the size of the municipality and its potential, the existing accommodation capacity of 7,000 beds in high-end hotels, numerous resorts and countless private accommodation providers, are adequate. Accommodation is available throughout the year. All major hotels provide services of rental of equipment for diving and parasailing in addition to rental of boats and jet-skis. It is of importance to tourists that Neum also has its healthcare centre, post office, banks, stores and a number of small privately owned restaurants, which complement impressively diverse range of services available.

If you do decide to come, rest assured that you will have plenty to do to make it count. In addition to the services provided by the local hotels, guests can also opt for excursions by bus or boat to nearby towns and attractions, such as Dubrovnik, Mostar, Međugorje and HutovoBlato. You can also get to know the autochthonouslocal residents, most of whom continued long family tradition in agriculture, fishing and extensive cattle breeding. To supplement their incomes, they used to produce sea salt and collect medicinal and aromatic herbs such as sage, rosemary and heather. In the past, the residents of Neum were known as skilful stone carvers who supplied the local market with carved stone for construction of houses and retaining walls.

The prices in Neum are more reasonable compared to other coastal towns in neighbouring countries, which means that it is a good idea to book accommodation ahead of time. In addition to swimming and sunbathing, favourable weather conditions are ideal for climatic treatment, which combines the benefits of clean coastal air, relaxing strolls by the sea and different water sports, and remains available seven months during the year.



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