Advent in Zagreb County – The Magic of Winter

This time of the year; which revolves around family, children, gift-giving, home-decorating, Christmas tree, exchange of Christmas cards, delight of fragrant holiday delicacies and the hypnotising aroma of herbs and spices; is the right time to treat yourself to a short holiday to Zagreb County – to explore and experience it at the pinnacle of winter.

A number of events will be organised on the occasion of Advent and the upcoming holidays in towns and cities of Zagreb County. We hope the abundance of festive events will encourage you to take your family along and head here to enjoy the holiday atmosphere.

Christmas markets have already become a part of tradition and an inevitable décor of the holiday panorama in most cities and municipalities in Zagreb County. These markets are often the venue of various performances, concerts, plays, festivals and exhibitions, most of which integrate a charitable component.  In addition to that, visitors can enjoy an incredible variety of famous local delicacies, offered by trusted local vendors.

A range of activities designed for children will help them experience the spirit of Advent and Christmas magic as they enjoy thematic performances on the occasion of the Day of St. Nicholas and engage in winter and Christmas themed creative workshops, Christmas tales and ice skating school.

Join us as we celebrate the arrival of 2017! Visit the lovely town squares of cities and municipalities of Zagreb County and enjoy the entertaining programme in the open with concerts, midnight waltz and fireworks, guaranteed to keep you up throughout the night.
We offer an incredible array of choices – all you have to do is to put on some warm clothes and embark with us into a winter fairy-tale!

Welcome to Zagreb County, attractive, year-round recreational and sightseeing destination of incredibly rich history, tradition and cultural heritage, pristine nature and amazing scenery, nested snugly in the green outskirts of Zagreb, Croatia’s capital.

Visit Advent markets in our cities and municipalities and experience the magical Christmas atmosphere and a heart-warming Christmas cheer. (


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