Amelia Yani, Former Ambassador of Indonesia to B&H, Wrote a Book About B&H

Amelia Yani, Former Ambassador of Indonesia to B&H, wrote a precious book about Bosnia and Herzegovina titled “I am Amelia”.

In the book, she writes about the work she did in B&H, her diplomatic meetings, and the tradition and the people she met while she was there. During her term in B&H, she did a lot to promote both Indonesia in B&H, and B&H in Indonesia. Before she assumed the position of ambassador to B&H, people in Indonesia had associated B&H with the war, so Yani decided to break down such prejudices in her book and show all the gorgeous sites she visited and wonderful experiences she had in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Amelia Yani, Ambassador of Indonesia: Half of My Heart Stays in BiH

Her Excellency Amelia Yani, Ambassador of Indonesia to BiH


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