An Exciting Summer in Jajce

A former royal city in the heart of central Bosnia, on the river banks of Pliva and Vrbas, is surrounded by rivers and beautiful lakes, woods and greenery. The city which was known to many empires and kingdoms for centuries could be the right choice for your summer vacation this year. An exciting summer waits for you in Jajce, either to test your courage on a zipline across the waterfalls, or to relax by the lakes, swim, canoe or ride a bike, it will definitely be a vacation to remember for the rest of your life.

Foto: TZ Jajce

Author: Semra Hodžić

Zipline Across the Waterfalls

Jajce is the only city in the world with magnificent waterfalls at the very city centre, which welcome you at the entrance and immediately take your breath away. They are located on the last tufa cascade of the Pliva river, which flows into the Vrbas river below the waterfalls. You will come here to forget about everything, shut off your brain for a short while, and clear your thoughts listening to the noise of the waterfalls. 

Foto: JU Agencija Jajce

Many brave divers dare to dive in a ten-metre-deep pool underneath the waterfalls, creating an unseen spectacle for viewers every summer. This year, the bravest visitors will be able to try the popular zipline, 250 metres long, from the ridge on the plateau above the waterfalls to the viewpoint on the other side of the waterfalls.

Plivska Lakes

If you have a sports and adventurous spirit and want an active vacation, bathing spots on the Plivska Lakes, the largest natural lakes in our beautiful homeland and its natural monument are the right place for you, only five kilometres away from Jajce. The Brana beach, created during the fifties, attracts swimmers in great numbers every year. You can get to the beach by car, which you can park in the forest shade. The swimming site is composed of three cascades that slow down the green river and create pools convenient for swimming, with a warm and peaceful water. Only a few people know that the first cascade is made of falls, and those who enjoyed them, swam, or massaged their back on them say that this is how they imagined the gardens of paradise. Although all cascades are very beautiful and attractive, the second one is the most attractive because it enables one to cross the Pliva river from one side to the other. Still, you should place your towels or tables and chairs on the left shore of the lake, because that is where all the fun is. The large beach offers enough space for those who want to develop the sun ten, but also for those wishing to hide from the sun in the deep shade and have some rest. There is a volleyball field nearby, and barbecue spots, which will spice up your day here additionally. It will be particularly interesting for children, because there are many ducks and fish in the clear Pliva river, and little ones can catch them in a fishnet in the shallow water. In no other beach you could see the beautiful dragonflies in various colours like here, where they live in great numbers. Diving lovers also like the Plivsko Lake, and a diving platform has been installed for them, but don’t be surprised if you see them diving from nearby trees as well. 

The Veliko Lake

Waters of the Veliko Lake are an ideal place for a kayak ride or canoeing. You can rent a kayak or a canoe on Friday, Saturday or Sunday from the kayak/canoe club Jajce. You can also rent pedal boats with solar, electric, or battery charge on the lake, as well as the ordinary pedal boats, and sailing vessels that also offer lunch, with prior announcement. For those who want more fun and adrenaline, the locals also rent balls on the water, and you will particularly love the rafting safari down the Pliva river during which you will enjoy the emerald river colour and its natural surroundings that offer home to numerous birds, fish, and you may even see some wolves here. From March to October, rafting costs between 30 and 50 BAM, and for those of you seeking more adrenaline boost, we recommend rafting down the Vrbas river between May and October. 

During the season on the Plivsko Lakes, you can find accommodation in a camp, the Turist 98 Hotel or Plivsko jezero Hotel that have terraces where you can enjoy the beautiful view of these miracles of the nature, and you can also rent one of the numerous private weekend houses or apartments. There are walking trails by the lake, where you can ride Quadro bikes, children can have fun on the trampolines, and you can also enjoy the lake view during a romantic carriage ride.

Picnic Grounds on Mlinčići

As early as in the medieval times, local carpenters built some twenty mills on tufa thresholds of the Plivska Lakes that people endearingly call “Mlinčići” (“the little mills”), which were often used as a motive on postcards of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy. 


Apart from walking, people also like to come to Mlinčići for a barbecue, where you will enjoy listening to the river noise and rest your eyes and soul on the greenery. Barbecues have been installed on the picnic grounds, and you only need to bring food, a table and chairs. You can also rent bikes that you can ride on the four-kilometres-long rural trails, or on well-maintained trails from the very city centre to the Plivska Lakes. 

Jajce offers many possibilities for an active vacation, and natural beauties surrounding it are ideal for lovers of all kinds of activities. Just come to Jajce!

Those who wish to get to know Jajce and the history of Bosnia and Herzegovina from the time when it was a kingdom will enjoy discovering its 29 national monuments

Rafting Tour Jajce

Contact telephone: +387(0)63358875

Kayak/canoe club Jajce 

Contact telephone: +387(0)63983706


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