Carefree winter in Banja Luka: Rich cultural and festive program

With the first days of winter and the first snowflakes, you can start to feel the festive atmosphere in the air in cities across the world, as is also the case in Banja Luka. A decorated city, hot chocolate with whipped cream and cinnamon, culinary delicacies with a festive twist, music, shopping for gifts for your dearest and preparing a festive meal, all make us look forward to the little things each winter, which make this time of year wonderful.

Written by: Daša Gajić


  1. Celebration of 85 years of Banski Dvor (Ban Court)

As part of this celebration, a number of cultural events will be held, such as the exhibition of archival documents Ban Svetislav Tisa Milosavljević and Banski dvor u Banjoj Luci (Ban Court in Banja Luka). Another very important exhibition titled U posjeti banu – dr Todor Lazarević, ban Vrbaske banovine (Visiting the Ban –  Dr Todor Lazarević, Ban of the Vrbas Banovina) had been opened, and these exhibitions are just a small part of a diverse program, where the goal is to preserve the cultural heritage of this city.

  1. Ice skating rink at Petar Kočić Park

Ice skating lovers will be able to enjoy their favourite winter sport activity on 500 square metres until 01.02.2018. The novelty this year is the ice skating school for beginners, which is great news for the little ones, and also for those who a are a bit older and have not had the opportunity to take their first steps on skates.

  1. Zimzograd (Winter City) 01.12.2017 – 02.01.2018

Zimzograd (Winter City), a winter tourist manifestation, will be held on Trg Krajine (Krajina Square) and at Petar Kočić Park. Over 60 exhibitors will take part, and one of the events that children and youth particularly look forward to is Fanta Meet up with popular youtubers from the region: Marija Žeželj, Jana Dačović, Muđa and Ćale, Zvoganj, Davor Gerbus and Yasserstain. Visitors will also be able to enjoy the rich culinary offering, concerts, fun park, ice skating and various other events.

  1. Concert of pianist Kemal Gekić

On 21.12.2017, starting at 8 p.m., the concert of renowned pianist Kemal Gekić, thought to be one of the most significant pianists of our time, having received numerous awards and completed 15 successful albums, will be held at the Banski Dvor Cultural Centre.

  1. New Year’s Eve on the town square

Banja Luka residents and tourists who want to spend New Year’s Eve outdoors watching the wonderful fireworks at midnight, will be able to do so on the town square, i.e. there will be numerous performances of musicians on New Year’s Eve, as well as the day before and the day after: Ivana Peters (30.12.), Sergej Ćetković (30.12.), Nikola Rokvić (31.12.), Lukijan Ivanović (31.12.), Lexington bend (Lexington Band) (31.12), Toni Cetinski (01.01.), Dženan Lončarević (01.01.)

A celebration of Children’s New Year will be organised for the little ones, taking place at noon.

All those who decide to greet 2018 in one of Banja Luka’s establishments can expect a rich and diverse offering.

  1. National Theatre of Republika Srpska

In January 2018, theatre lovers will be able to enjoy the shows Usamljeni Zapad (The Lonely West), Žiranti (Guarantors), Odumiranje međeda (The Slow Death of the Bears), Švajcarska (Switzerland), Ljubavni život Marka Molera (The Love Life of Mark Moler)


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