For the Perfect Memories From Jajce

In summertime, you cannot get bored in Jajce even for a second. If you are not too keen on exploring monuments and natural landscapes or attending cultural and sports events, you could try out one of the many sports adventures on offer and create unforgettable and joyful moments to remember for a lifetime.

Written by: Semra Hodžić

Rafting on the Wild Waters of the Vrbas River 

If you are up for a challenge, Vrbas is a turbulent canyon river offering a truly demanding 12-kilometre whitewater rafting trip from May through October. The trip on the wild waters of the Vrbas River starts at Torlakovac right outside of Jajce, goes underneath the Pliva Waterfall, and takes 3-4 hours to complete. During the trip down the river, you will make a stop at the Vinac Camp and later on at the site on the banks of the Vrbas River where people traditionally grill their food. Trips can be shorter than that too. Every year in June, except in the 2020 pandemic year, the 25-kilometre International Whitewater Rafting Regatta that runs from Torlakovac to Prud is held in Jajce. One and a half hours into the regatta, a lunch break is taken in the Vinac Camp, and participants in the regatta then paddle to the Pliva Waterfall, which is the place to swim and jump into a pool.

Foto: Samed Žužić

Rafting Tour Jajce

Contact phone number: +387 (0) 63 351 831

Kayaking on the Great Lake

In addition to swimming, the waters of the Great Lake (Veliko jezero) are perfect for kayaking, canoeing, and boating alike. You can rent different types of boats from Jajce Kayaking/Canoeing Club on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. The club has been active for more than 50 years and it also competed for Team B&H in the world championships. Owing to the club, Jajce started hosting state championships again and gathering the best kayakers, and the club welcomes rowing teams competing for Serbia and Turkey when they come to Jajce to prepare for competitions. On the Great Lake, you can also rent pedalos and boats offering lunch served on-board. Those who wish to have more fun and experience an adrenaline rush can rent water balls from the locals.

Jajce Kayakng/Canoeing Club 

Contact phone number: +387 (0)63 983 706

Rafting Safari on the Pliva River

As opposed to the turbulent waters of the Vrbas River, the waters of the Pliva River are slow and calm. You will definitely be delighted if you decide to try out a rafting safari down the Pliva River. Its banks are home to a large number of birds, while its waters are rich in fish, and you can see them while rafting. You might even encounter wolves. The trip starts at Pljeve near the town of Šipovo and takes you to the Great Pliva Lake. Rafting trips run from March to October at a cost of BAM 30-50.

Zip Line Across the Pliva Waterfall

Everyone wants to give travelling across the 250-metre Pliva Waterfall a go. Experience this unique zip line adventure by riding down a cable across the River Vrbas Canyon to the viewing area right across the Pliva Waterfall, and then fly down to the Town Park across the waterfall. You can revel in the views of this breath-taking waterfall from all sides, but those who flew down the wire say that the views it offers are priceless. A ride across one of the world’s most beautiful waterfalls costs BAM 20.

Royal Hiking Trails

There are plenty of sources of water in the vicinity of Jajce, but there are also a lot of hills and mountains there that people have been exploring since the time of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. An hour away on foot from the centre of Jajce sits Mount Hum treating visitors to priceless views of the royal town and the amazing flora of the surrounding area. Since all good things in life require effort, getting to this viewing site on foot is rather demanding. If you decide to head out to Mount Hum, you can visit the place where Stjepan Tomašević, the last Bosnian king, was buried, and while you are at it you can also explore the impressive botanical garden which is owned by Sakib Klika, the doyen of Jajce’s hiking scene. If you ask hikers, they will recommend you to hike along the Bešpelj-Komotin trail allowing you to explore a few medieval necropolis sites, a viewing spot above the Ugra Canyon, and the remains of the medieval castle of Komotin. The well-known Mount Ranča featuring a renowned ski resort is nearby. The highest peak in the Jajce Municipality sits there. The Naked Mountain (Gola planina), offering views of Jajce and the Pliva lakes, is also close by.

Contact info: 

Ćusine Mountain Lodge: +387 (0)65 158 528 

Nature Lovers’ Club: +387 (0)63 413 802

Catch and Release Fish

Jajce abounds in water resources and fish. All fishing techniques are used on the Pliva River and its lakes, including fly fishing. The same is true for the Vrbas River. You can catch different kinds of fish including the “royal trout”. Tradition says that it was a favourite dish at the royal court. Foreign guests are quite amused by the practice of catching and releasing fish back to the water. If you want to go freshwater fishing, you have to obtain a fishing licence. Get in touch with one of the local fishing associations to purchase an annual or daily fishing licence. 

Zlatovčica Sportfishing Association in Jajce: +387 (0)65 868 082

Cycle From Jajce to Busovača

You will soon be able to cycle from Jajce to Busovača along the tracks of the old railway. Spanning more than 100 kilometres, a cycling trail will link five towns: Jajce, Donji Vakuf, Travnik, Vitez and Busovača. It part of a project which aims to develop a cycling trail along the tracks of the old railway from Jajce to Busovača and promote it on an iternational level together with sightseeing tours of the nearby rural areas, cultural, historic and natural heritage sites, catering establishments offering culinary delicacies, and accommodation facilities.

Adventure for the Little Ones

Adventure is not reserved just for the grown-ups; the little ones can have adventures too: they can swim in the Pliva lakes, ride on a pedalo, jump on trampolines or rubber balls, and ride quad bicycles.


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