Get to know Bosnia and Herzegovina through 100 challenges – #bihbucketlistchallange 2023

Let the Challenges Begin

How about riding horses? Domestic ones. Or spending time with their wild relatives? Bring some carrots, a little bit of salt, or an apple. You don’t go to Bosnia empty-handed

For big and small, Herzegovinians and Bosnians, diaspora and foreigners, women and men, for you and me – in short, everyone.

After the tremendous success and immense fun we experienced together in 2021, accomplishing and completing the challenges at hand, and sharing phenomenal photos on social media that demonstrated your dedication to our shared project, iit’s time for us to tackle another #bihbucketlistchallenge.


Let’s embark on another great adventure this year. Play, capture great photos, and share them on Instagram. Remember, with each new bucket list item crossed off and each new photo taken, you increase your chances of winning fantastic prizes! Rediscover the most beautiful corners of our beautiful country with us this summer.

For some challenges, you don’t even have to leave your home. Maybe just buy some flour and roll out the dough for a pie. There you go, we just revealed one for you. It’s not hard, is it?

We have changed part of the bucket list this year to introduce you to some new destinations of this wonderful country and help you discover all its wonderful customs.

We have updated the bucket list this year to introduce you to some new destinations in this wonderful country and help you discover all of its amazing customs and experiences.

And on the list, we have, without revealing everything, numerous water challenges. You need to leap to some waters that fall, drink water from some, and sail on some. If you fall out of the boat, you can even swim, and in some waters, you can even fish. And some will take your breath away. Literally.

Without giving everything away, on our list we have, among others, an exciting array of water challenges. You’ll be leaping to some cascading waters, drinking from others, and sailing through a few more. If you fall out of the boat, you can swim, and in some waters, you can even fish. Be warned, some waters will take your breath away, quite literally.

Eat and Drink

We know you won’t mind drinking coffee, but you might also enjoy elderflower or rose juice. You have to try ćevapi (that’s not difficult at least), with kajmak or onion (unless you are planning on kissing), but not in the place where you usually eat them. We won’t reveal yet whether it’s the location or city that changes. Of course, you also need to satisfy your sweet tooth, with a cake, a Herzegovinian one.

And how about you, action lovers and adrenaline junkies? Shall we send you on a safari? You’ll capture amazing photos, and we’re eagerly awaiting them. Or perhaps you’d prefer to explore Bosnia and Herzegovina from above – by hot air balloon, gyrocopter, helicopter, parachute, or small plane? Why not try horseback riding? Or spending some time with their wild relatives? Bring along some carrots, a bit of salt, or an apple – in Bosnia, guests never arrive empty-handed. Anywhere.


Just imagine the amazing photos you can capture while canyoning or soaring across the country on one of the many zip lines. Maybe you should ride a bike a little? Or travel somewhere by train? Carriage? Or cable car to Trebević.

For history enthusiasts, we have exciting challenges set in old cities, castles, and fortresses. You might encounter dragons. Fearsome ones.

On the list you’ll find museums, monasteries, and… We’ve said too much already. Be sure to join us in May by scanning the QR code and rediscover our beautiful homeland. You’ll have an unforgettable summer and the chance to win valuable prizes while capturing your adventures in stunning photographs.

The Best for the Best

And last but not least, we have prepared amazing prizes! We will reward those who complete the most challenges. We have a special prize for foreigners and the sweetest prizes for our youngest challengers. This year, we will be tackling some challenges together. Maybe we’ll spend the night in nature together or our adrenaline levels with… No, no, we won’t reveal.


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