His majesty- green tea

It has been scientifically proven that green tea, besides organism detoxifications, can help in losing weight too but it is not irrelevant how and in what form we consume it.

In order to be effective in fat burning or keeping the body slim, it shouldn’t contain sugar. Increasingly popular are green teas with additional fruit or some other flavors, but nutritionists claim that the advantages of green tea should not be decreased adding various flavors.

If an additional flavour includes sugar, then tea can contain more calories so it won’t be effectual in fat burning. Neither sugar nor artificial sweeteners are added in green tea.

The quality of green tea varies among different brands. Read declarations and be cautious that those which you buy contain natural ingredients and no artificial sweeteners.  Green tea is most effective when served hot.

When you prepare it, don’t let water boil. Before boiling, when first bubbles appear, pour water over the tea. Let it rest for two or four minutes so as to release all ingredients that make green tea so special and healthy.

When it comes to its expiry date, same as all other foodstuff, green tea has it. After opening, it shouldn’t be used longer than six months since it loses all its healthy substances and antioxidants which boost metabolism and burn fat tissue.


Important warning

 Theoretically, green tea may prohibit absorption of iron so it is not recommended for anaemic people. It is also not recommended for caffeine allergies, people with sleeping problems or those who suffer from epilepsy.



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