Hotel Mepas – Another success

Luxury hotel Mepas from Mostar has been awarded Brand Leader Award 2016, an accolade it has received as a leader in setting new standards in quality, professionalism, innovation and  competitiveness in elite tourism of Southeastern Europe.

This important recognition is being awarded to market leaders in the Southeastern Europe region for the past 12 years in Belgrade by an expert  collegiate body of Mass Media International company. Earlier this year tourist magazine Luxury Travel Guide from the United Kingdom declared Hotel Mepas a Business Hotel of the Year 2016 for Southeastern Europe region.

Finally on the famous List!

The six year – long process of nomination finally bore fruit: 30 medieval tombstone necropolis’ from this region were enlisted in a World Cultural Heritage List. 22 of them are located in BiH territory, three each in territories of Serbia and Montenegro


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