Mysterious stone spheres

Upon touch, the energy field of both the sphere and the person changes, becoming lighter and larger, and the human aura is spread.


Written by: Elma Zećo

Stone spheres are a rare occurrence in the world. Along with Costa Rica and Mexico, Bosnia and Herzegovina is on the list of countries where they have been found, in eleven different locations of Zavidovići Municipality, where over 50 stone spheres have been discovered.

An unforgettable storm

A locality with over 20 spheres – the village of Grab-Mećevići stands out, as the largest site in Europe – two kilometres from Zavidovići, while in the location of Podubravlje there is only one, but it is the most massive stone sphere in the world: its radius is between 1.20 to 1.50 metres, and it is assumed to weigh around 35 tons.

According to one of the older locals, the stone spheres in Duboki Potok (Deep Stream) were formed as a result of a huge and unforgettable storm, which occurred back in 1933.

“Stone spheres started getting more serious attention in 2006”, says Sanda Berberkić, associate from the Tourism Association of Zenica-Doboj Canton.

“After research was conducted by a few radiesthesists, who measured the effect of the energy of the stone spheres on the bioenergetic field of visitors, a conclusion was made that in the case of interaction between a person and stone sphere, there was a change in the energy field of both the sphere and the person, becoming lighter and larger. Also, human aura would spread upon touching the sphere.”

Skilled ancient builders

The „Archaeological Park: Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun Foundation“ conducted physical and chemical analyses of samples of four damaged stone spheres from Zavidovići, as well as of nearby rock material.

“That’s when we became aware that stone spheres contain manganese, which is today used to improve sturdiness, as well as calcium oxide, which is the basis of binding material. It would seem that ancient builders would use the technology of melting natural rock material, then add some additives and binding material to improve the properties. The result were sturdy and perfectly spherical spheres.”

The “Stone Spheres” association from this town, as well as the above-mentioned foundation look after the stone spheres in Zavidovići. The sites are very popular, with a constant growth in the number of visitors, especially foreigners.




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