Prokoško Lake

At a distance of only 20 kilometers Fojnica, Prokoško Lake is located high in Mt. Vranica, a well-known B&H mountain.

At an altitude of 1635 meters above sea level, with 426 meters in length, 191,3 meters in width, and maximum 13 meters in depth, this lake is a very attractive tourist spot due to its idyllic position.

Glacial in origin and dating back to various eras – from Pleistocene to this day – Prokoško Lake, or the Eye of the Mountain as some people like to call it, and the area around it were declared a regional nature park in 1982. This zone is rigorously protected. In 2005, it was also declared a natural monument.

Shepherd huts, the so called katuni, scattered around the lake, are made of lumber and timber. Their roof is made of wooden shingles. Above the lake, the highest peak of Mt. Vranica – Nadkrstac is located at 2112 meters above sea level.

The lake gets water from underground water flowing in from underneath the lake, nearby springs located at the foot of Debelo brdo, the melting snow sliding down the nearby slopes and from direct precipitation into the lake.

The lake is the habitat of an endemic species called triton, a fascinating amphibian added to the list of protected species in 1954. It was found in the lake in 1891 by Othmar Reiser, who served as the ornithologist with the National Museum of BiH in Sarajevo.

It is wonderful to discover a place to come to just relax.


From Fojnica to Prokosko Lake, take the asphalt road going up the river to reach Tocila, and then a macadam road along the Jezernica River, Vlaške ravni and Hrid. In addition to day trips, it is possible to stay by the lake longer. Bed and breakfast is offered in shepherd huts, and some huts were turned into shops and restaurants serving home-made food.

Photo: Dženita Pašić


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