Tajan” Nature Park

 A masterpiece of nature, “Tajan“ Nature park features numerous mountain peaks and rivers, a lake, long underground tunnels and streams, waterfalls, caves, pits, a large karst spring, archaeological sites and stunning number of different animal species.

This extraordinary attraction is tightly nested in the tri-border area of the municipalities of Zavidovići, Kakanj and Vareš, situated at the altitude of 1297 m above sea level. The park is not difficult to find. To get there via Kakanj, a small town some 50 km away from Sarajevo, you should turn to a regional road toward the Ponijeri outing spot. For those travelling from Sarajevo, the second option would be to follow the road towards Doboj and Zenica. Some 30 km after you’ve passed Zenica, you should turn to Zavidovići and proceed for some 16 km all the way to the village of Kamenica, located in the northern part of the Park.

Park’s Features

“Tajan” has a lot to offer. First and foremost, it offers the opportunity to experience first-hand the adrenaline rush of engaging into extreme sports such as rafting and XC cross races. The park is ideal for mountain biking. Hundreds of kilometres of winding forest trails, some going up over steep mountain peaks, offer countless opportunities for spine-tingling mountain biking adventure or hiking.

All nature lovers will surely enjoy thick coniferous forest and long and winding walking trails. The Mašica River Canyon is quite certainly one of the most beautiful canyons in BiH. The canyon is 350 m deep and at some spots, no more than 3 m wide. After heavy rain, the canyon fills up with water, forming the Suhodol creek. This stunning place boasts countless caves, often used by mountain bears during their winter-time hibernation. The canyon is ideal for rest and relaxation, but also for different forms of training such as snorkelling training. During summer period, there are plenty of spots along the canyon where visitors can enjoy a refreshing splash in the canyon’s crystal clear water.


Cave Ornaments Crafted by Nature

The remains of the extinct cave bear, claimed to be over 15,000 years old, were found in Luka’s Cave (Lukina pećina). Visitors interested in a tour of this fascinating cave can rent equipment and hire professional and experienced guides to accompany them. It might also be a good idea to check out the Central Cave (Srednja pećina), which features fascinating underground halls, lavishly decorated in ornaments, masterfully crafted over millennia by the Mother Nature.  In this Park, going underground virtually guarantees a close encounter with one of many wild animals often found in such habitats, such as bears, foxes, wolves, deer, rabbits, wild cats, boars and grouses. It is also highly likely you will see bats, one of the endangered species of animals elsewhere in Europe, and perhaps even black bears roaming around.

Most visitors of “Tajan” Nature Park enjoyed the captivating experience of two waterfalls of the River Gostović, particularly appealing to extreme kayakers during spring and fall season. Rafting lovers may enjoy the Krivaja River’s rapids rushing through fascinating canyons and ravines. Visitors may also enjoy Park’s longest and deepest speleological site: “Pit by the Cabin –Atom Abyss”.

In addition to refreshing air, a multitude of rivers and creeks, “Tajan” Park also features state of the art facilities for countless athletic activities, playground areas for children and pristine walking trails. Accommodation is available in rural households which also offer traditional dishes and mouth-watering delicacies which include roasted lamb, grilled meat and trout, to name a few. This fascinating destination is equally suitable for summer and winter tourism.




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