Tekke in Vukeljići

Having spent more than thirty years studying and developing spiritually in various countries of the East, mystic Sheikh Hussain baba Zukić founded a tekke in his home village Vukeljići near Fojnica wishing to educate the locals. He also achieved a lot in by helping spread the Naqshibandi dervish order in the Vukeljići vicinity. When he died, he was buried on a hillside above the tekke, in the third largest existing tomb.

Vukeljići Tekke was built on two floors resembling a rectangle in shape. On the upper floor, there is, among other rooms, the Sama Khana, a chamber used for common prayer and dhikr, or the praise of God, and the so called maidan, the chamber in which dervishes gather to talk and discuss the path to God and other matters of importance in the Sufi life.


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